May 18, 2024

One of the issues I deal with every day on this blog are the effects of obesity and I tried to help everyone by giving the fixes. Eat better, exercise, make sure you rest but also live an active lifestyle. The trouble is that I sometimes feel like the problems fall on deaf ears and people just think that tomorrow they will start working on making themselves look better.

Well tomorrow never comes, you have to work at improving your health today.

Health Risks of Obesity

There are far bigger problems than simply your appearance. Being obese leads to lots of other health problems and this article is about these health risks of obesity. If you want to be scared into change these 10 health risks should do it to you.

There are many health risks of obesity. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a clear definition of obesity. A high BMI is bad for the health of an individual. It shows that the person has a poor, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity in their life. Obesity makes you weak and slows down your physiological functions. It can even lead to a very serious illness.

There are various diseases that are connected to obesity and they are:

Cardiovascular Problems due to obesity

Health Risks of Obesity
Health Risks of Obesity

Obese people develop congestible heart failure. This is a condition in which the individual’s heart is not capable of pumping enough blood to the different body organs. In turn, they cannot carry on with their normal physiological functions.

Some people also get an enlarged heart which is usually caused by the thickening of the heart muscle. This happens because of the increased workload of the heart which further increases its size. And this is all because of the excess fat in your body.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome due to obesity

Women who are obese have the tendency to develop Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The ovaries develop cysts due to high levels of the male hormone Androgen which is secreted in high amounts. The women end up missing their periods and suffering from menstrual disorders. Some females also develop fibroids, benign growths, in the muscles of the uterus. This disturbs their menstrual cycle, causing pain and heavy bleeding. At times most women also turn infertile due to obesity and this may end up ruining their life. That is why you should try to follow an active lifestyle to stay fit and in good shape.

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease due to obesity

Obese people develop gastro intestinal problems. They may have growths that act as a valve between the esophagus and stomach. Sometimes they open up spontaneously and cause the stomach contents of the stomach, including its digestive juices, to rise up. The people end up feeling severe heart burn. This medical condition may cause more serious medical complications. You can check more about it at ecdel.

Fatty Liver Diseases due to obesity

The accumulation of fat can cause liver damage, inflammation and the formation of fibrous tissue in this vital organ. This can cause cirrhosis, which is irreversible liver scaring. This condition may also lead to cancer in the end.

It is always best for you to eat healthy food, drink adequate amounts of water and be physically active. In this way, all your body organs will perform their regular functions perfectly.

Choleithiasis due to obesity

This is the term used for development of gall stones. These usually form when the cholesterol levels in the body increase. The gall stones are formed by the hardening of the bile. This hinders the digestion of body fat.

Colorectal Cancer due to obesity

Obesity leads to colorectal cancer. It may promote the development of cancerous growths in the colon, appendix and rectum. This is the second most common type of cancer in the world and obese people fall victim to it mostly.

Chronic Renal Failure due to obesity

Obesity is the leading cause of many illnesses, as it weakens the organs of the body and their functioning and lowers immunity. Obese people may suffer from chronic renal failure. This condition is characterized by the gradual and progressive loss of the kidneys’ ability to filter the waste material in the body. This can lead to life threatening situations, if the condition is not treated in due time.

Urinary Incontinence due to obesity

Women usually end up with this problem, as obesity causes loss of bladder control. This lack of control results in mild urine leakages, but it can also turn into uncontrollable wetting. This surely causes great embarrassment. When you are unable to control your bladder, you might suffer from urinary tract infections too. For all these reasons, it’s best to do pelvic exercises that will help you improve your bladder control. These should be accompanied by a loss diet as well.

Stretch Marks due to obesity

Obesity causes stretch marks that make your skin look ugly and rough. That is why you should try to lose in a healthy way by adopting good eating habits and a regular exercise program. This will help you to stay fit and elegant.

Respiratory Disorders due to obesity

Many obese people also have difficulty breathing. Some suffer from sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder in which the patients stop breathing for short durations of time while asleep and end up with an oxygen deficiency. In extreme obesity cases, patients also end up with Hypoventilation Syndrome. They can’t breathe normal levels of oxygen.

In order to avoid all these diseases caused by obesity, you need a healthy diet and exercise.

I hope that these Health Risks of Obesity are a good warning sign to you

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  1. Obesity is such an issue in this country that there should be more awareness to the issue. I feel there should be more education for kids on nutrition and also more programs for families that are dealing with this issue. It needs to be taken seriously because as a country we are killing ourselves.

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