December 2, 2023

Today I was feeling a little sluggish walking into the gym. I knew it was a day to do weights but I didn’t know if after the long weekend I would have the mental power to be able to push my sets to failure like I know that I have to. So I decided to change things up today.

As I have mentioned here before, I do all myweights in one day although I seem to be getting closer to going to a two days split. Normally I would do a circuit workout with a warmup set for each muscle group and then two sets to failure for each muscle group. This normally works great, especially if you can really push what failure means in a set.

Today instead of doing a warmup set I did a set of 50 reps to failure to start using bench/flyes (25 reps each), pulldowns to chest, lateral raises, tricep pushdowns, and alternating curls. After this I did just one set of low rep sets of 8-10 reps with the same exercises.

Then I did my post workout stretching. The whole workout took about 40 minutes.

After my workout I had a great pump and had trouble raising my arms in the shower but I will probably know better tomorrow how effective this workout was.

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