March 2, 2024

On Thursday I decided to change things up and change my reps for my workout.

It was a killer workout. The workout took 35 minutes. And I am still sore today.

The workout I did was a high rep workout where I did the same exercises as usual, mostly, and instead of sticking to 6-12 reps per set I actually pushed my reps to 50-60 per set for only a couple of sets per exercise.

This is a High Rep Workout

  • 1 set of 60 reps of incline bench press followed by 12 reps of incline flyes
  • 1 set of 30 reps of military press
  • 1 set of 25 reps of one-armed bent over rows
  • 1 set of 50 reps per arm of alternating curls
  • 1 set of 25 reps of tricep kickbacks

I went through this set with a longer than the regular time between sets, maybe a minute or so, and by the end, I was really winded and wiped. I took about a 10-minute break and did it again.

The key to a high rep set like this is to use light weights and work slowly and deliberately through the sets and really work until failure.

I know that this style of working out is very controversial as many people think it is a waste of time. I, of course, do not feel this way and have written about high rep sets before as well as mixing up your workouts.

The reason that this workout seems to work very well is that while doing the set you tend to push individual muscle cells after you have exhausted those cells your body will need to work other cells instead. I have written about how muscle fibers work before.

2 thoughts on “High Rep Sets

  1. Looks like an awesome wurkoot. Sorry I am going to miss it. Just got done with my wurkoot. Just not the same in a hotel fitness room by my lonesome. Hope you all had a great family day. Thank you Mark, Loretta, and crossfit family. I am very blessed and very thankful.

  2. Interesting theory , i normally do Low reps range to gain strength , then past on moderated rep 8-12….but every type of body work’s different from others 😉

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