May 18, 2024

I ran across this video and just loved what Tim and Rich have to say about a couple of things. They are obviosuly really smart and in this 12 minutes or so there are some real gems of knowledge

High Rep vs Low Reps Sets

First of all there is the argument of high vs low reps sets. I myself love to do higher rep sets, not anything too high but more around 12 reps for my first set and 7 reps for my last set. Every sey for me is to failure.

The idea of doing slightly higher reps is that the blood flow is much more intense to the muscles and the overall mass that you are lifting is higher as well.

The opposite of course is to do just 3 or 4 reps for every set with as much weight as possible.


Feeder Workouts

The other great piece of info is Rich Piana talking about the idea of Feeder workouts. A feeder workout is just 3 super high sets the day after a workout on that bodypart.

An example is if you do a very tough arm workout, then the next day you would do 3 sets of 100 reps of curls. This will give you an awesome pump and drive all of the toxins out of those bicep muscles.

Rich Piana says that he did these kind of feeder workouts for Biceps and Triceps every night for two years and he credits it with making a huge difference to his arm size. This guy has giant arms to say the least so it seems to have done the job.

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