April 24, 2024

I don’t want to get too dramatic here but I think acne had a profound influence on my life. If I was able to enjoy clear skin during my teenage years I think my life would have taken a different direction. But as it stands, I still suffer from emotional damage related to my severe acne that lasted for several years. A lot of people focus on the physical aspects of acne, thinking about how it looks, but there is a heavy emotional toll that it can take on the person as well. Long after my acne has cleared I still find myself self-conscious about my skin and the way it looks to other people. And when I was in midst of the worst acne outbreaks of my life, I found it very difficult to even set foot outdoors.

Acne Can Make You Sad

Some people won’t be able to relate to my story because they think I should just “get over it”. Believe me, I have spent many hours and a lot of time and energy trying to do just that. But when my acne was the worst I found myself extremely isolated and afraid to be seen by anyone else. I think that anyone who suffers from severe acne knows what I’m talking about because it can be such an embarrassing problem. Even when people don’t comment on it directly, you can tell exactly what is on their mind. And then there are folks who are all too willing to offer their opinion or advice on the situation. Sometimes they will come right out and ask you why you don’t wash your face better, or not to eat so much chocolate.

Being Obsessed By Acne Info

One way acne influenced my life was that I became entirely obsessed with the subject. I know for certain that this is a negative thing and it probably made my acne situation worse both physically and mentally. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to get rid of acne and constantly searched for new creams and medication that might help. I also looked in the mirror on a daily basis while trying to decipher if my acne was getting worse or better. I am pretty sure that I lost perspective on the situation and I was no longer able to accurately assess the condition of my acne. It certainly didn’t help that I touched my face way too much either because I was popping pimples or just inspecting the situation.

I found the best thing for my acne was when I decided to educate myself in the best way possible. I decided to defer to the experts and realized that I simply could not handle all of this on my own. It was a scary thing to make my first appointment for a dermatologist but I was certainly glad that I did it and found a dependable resource for all worthy information right here. I was given access to solid treatments that put me on a path to better skin while understanding the fundamental reasons why I had acne in the first place. If there is any advice I would like to share with you, it’s to take action by finding professional help as soon as possible. Hopefully you will be able to get a comprehensive treatment plan and not have to endure all of the emotional stress related to severe acne.

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