March 28, 2023
LeAnn Rimes Bikini Body
LeAnn Rimes Bikini Body

LeAnn Rimes? has been in the news a bit lately for her divorce and the new relationship but today I wanted to just let you know about the article about her in Shape magazine and the explanation that she gives for her new body that is good enough for a bikini on the cover of a fitness magazine.

First of all even though she looks pretty lean here she says that she is actually six pounds heavier than she was three years ago. Not a bad gain for LeAnn Rimes is it?

In the article I think she said 5 things that made the biggest differene and gave us a new LeAnn Rimes body. Here they are:

LeAnn Rimes top 5 Body Fixes

1. Breakfast – LeAnn Rimes says that she has a good breakfast of high fiber and fruit. This gives her the energy to push through the morning whil some people are just dragging themselves through the day.

2. Coaching in the Gym – LeAnn Rimes has a coach that she works with. I know the lifestyles of the rich and famous are not always possible for us, but even taking a fitness class will help you to get in better shape by teaching you how to workout better

3. Go to the Gym to Workout– LeAnn says that her boyfriend will not workout with her as the pace and intensity she uses in the gym are really tough. She even talks about hos she can’t believe that people would be using their cell phones in tghe gym if they really want to change their body. Single mindedness is critical in the gym.

4. Listening to her body – LeAnn Rimes says that sometimes she does not feel like working out and does not but at other times she drags herself in just to make that bit of an effort and it is contiguous, getting her to workout when she did not think she could

5. Cardio to start every Workout – LeAnn Rimes swears by doing 20 to 25 minutes of cardio before she does any weights. This is something that she knows herself makes a difference so she makes sure she does not miss it.

Getting away from the media story and just looking at LeAnn Rimes as a person you can see that she has made an effort to have the habits that will make a difference, the eating, the exercise, the attitude about both and the intensity of focus really come through to make sure that she is doing what she needs to. In an industry where looks are always critical to success LeAnn Rimes knows what she has to do.

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