April 21, 2024

A vast majority of women who exercise regularly do not do it to enhance their flexibility, increase strength, or build muscle.

They do it to keep their body fat percentage low.

But what exactly is the best and most efficient way for women to lose weight? Is it spending as many hours as possible on the treadmill? Running for miles up a hilly terrain?

Weight lifting for women makes them strong and helps lose weightOr could it be engaging in High Intensity Interval Training during your workouts?

While these 3 methods are effective in their own ways, there’s a secret fat loss weapon that many women are yet to discover – weight training, which also increases strength.

Yes, lifting weights is the best way to go if you want to lose weight permanently and in the fastest way possible. But how does it work? Well, here’s a look at how lifting weights leads to significant loss of weight.

Strength Training Burns Calories Continuously

The secret to losing weight is burning more calories than you eat. When the body stays in a calorie-deprived state for long, it starts burning through its own tissue for fuel.

Weightlifting helps your body remain at a constant calorie-deprived state by initiating the burning of calories during and long after your workout routine.

Lifting gives you a great burn during exercise where a routine as simple and short as a circuit of eight moves can burn 160 to over 200 calories.

Additionally, studies show that a well-designed weightlifting routine can elevate your metabolism by up to 39 hours after the workout. This is because after a weightlifting routine, muscles need energy to repair their fibers, which they get by burning calories.

The heavier the weights you lift (so big muscle groups like legs), the higher and longer your metabolism rate gets elevated.

Weight Lifting Triggers More Fat Loss

Cardio activity only burns calories during workouts, which means you do not get to burn fat when not exercising. With weightlifting, however, you burn a great deal of calories during and after your workouts.

This translates to more fat burned between sets as well as during the workout itself.

Weight Training Increases Muscle

It’s no secret that weight lifting results in a direct increase in muscle mass. This is why many women steer clear from this form of training due to fear of developing a man-like muscular physique.

What most women do not know, however, is that the more muscle you have to contract, the more calories you burn.

So, if you have a large percentage of muscle mass in your body, you end up burning more calories when you engage in any form of physical activity (be it lifting dumbbells, doing squats, or even the simple act of walking) than someone with low muscle percentage.

Whether you have struggled with weight loss for a while or simply want to tone up fast, strength training can help.

Just make sure to avoid overdoing it and include a proper diet and aerobic training to the mix. This way, you’ll avoid injury and enjoy more profound results.

1 thought on “How Does Strength Training Help You Lose More Fat?

  1. I think that weight training will increase muscle. However, some women do stay away from it as they are afraid that they will get big and bulky which isn’t always the case. You can add muscle and lose fat with out getting big and bulky. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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