April 23, 2024

Have you ever seen that line “Look Fear in the face and punch it”? I kind of love that line because of the way we all look at fear.

Fear is something that will hold us back, stop us from moving forward, and stop our feet in one spot. Fear is that tightness in your stomach and that tightness in your muscles

But we have to beat fear or it will beat us

How to Overcome Fear

The best way for us to overcome the fear that we face whenever making a change in our life is to approach it head on. You know full well whenever making a change that you mind and body are going to want to resist change. The status quo is always uncomfortable and our mind and body resist any change to the comfort that we want to have.

What is the first thing that you think of when you are looking at making a change? I know because I fight with it so much. First I look to see if this is right, should I stop eating cookies? Of course if we want to plot the good vs bad of eating cookies then I am sure after yummy, and emotional support (flimsy), and hunger, we run out of reasons we need to gorger on cookies. They are of course bad for us and the empty calories, and fattening, and insulin issues.

Next, what is the alternative? Of course when we are making a change we need a stop doing and a start doing otherwise the change will just be an open loop of loss. Give up cookies and start eating veggies. Veggies give us cleanliness, energy, health, and happiness. Seems pretty easy. How about starting to run. We stop wasting our lives on the couch and we take the initiative to be healthy, energetic, better rested, more attractive.

See we give and we take

Still even with logic our emotions will cause us to stop wanting to make that change. What if I am wrong, what if cookies are a brain food? What is I get hit by a car while running?

What is I just don’t want to change?

That is the one that gets me. I can use logic and still there is time. I can start tomorrow, I am not ready today. After a good nights sleep I will be able to do this or that….

These are again just fear trying to dig in again. But with the time excuse you have an uncomfortable but easy way to face fear.

Just do it!

If you are going to run you have to remember that it is not all day, or for the rest of your life, or even a huge commitment. You can just dip your toe in and the change, the fear, have no power. Go for a walk around the block from home to home again. Wait an hour for that cookie and have an apple instead.

I really hate that fear can get the best of us because quite often the status quo is what we should really be fearing the most. Every time that I see another pieve of research on obesity, or hear and excuse that someone “Just can’t do it” it makes me want to yell out “Change now or lose forever!”.

There are not a lot of alternatives at a certain point. If we don’t make the change our life and health don’t stay the same they instead go downhill.

So don’t let fear stop you. Know that you are making a choice, take a better life, give up a subpar life

And don’t eat that cookie

Being fearfull is being terrified but jumpiing anyway