May 24, 2024

Nose blackheads can be the ugliest thing! They seem to last forever, not clearing up the way that pimples do, and they can lead to permanently enlarged pores which just get worse as you get older. So what can you do?

Get Rid of Nose Blackheads
Get Rid of Nose Blackheads

Nose blackheads are caused by overproduction of oils (sebum and keratin) by the sebaceous glands in the skin. These substances solidify and darken on contact with air, blocking the pore and creating a plug that can be hard to remove.

People often think that the black color at the surface is dirt, but it is not. It is caused by oxidation. You cannot wash it away with soap. However, there are other treatments that you can try.

How To Get Rid Of Nose Blackheads

First, you can buy preparations from the drugstore that claim to get rid of blackheads. These vary in their active ingredients and how they work. Some dry out the skin, which can look alright in the short term but only leads to more oil production.

Other products contain salicylic acid which is believed to dissolve keratin. In fact, aspirin is mostly salicylic acid so if you are not allergic to aspirin you can make a home blackhead removal face mask by making a paste from a soluble aspirin tablet and a few drops of water. Mix with honey to help adhesion if you wish. Apply to the affected area and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with water. Then moisturize, otherwise the skin can become too dry.

Aspirin Face mask to get rid of Nose Blackheads

Most people can use the aspirin face mask a couple of times per week, but test on a very small area first to make sure that your skin can take it. In most cases any redness associated with acne will improve after using this mask, so if your redness is worse after the aspirin, this is a sign that salicylic acid is too harsh for your skin and you should not use it.

Do not use any other type of painkiller, only 100% pure soluble aspirin.

Some people prefer to physically remove the blackhead. If you want to do this, please do it gently. The best way is to give the face a steam bath to open the pores, then take a tissue and use your fingers (not your nails) to press against the sides of the blackhead. Be sure to close the pores again afterward either with an astringent wash or cold water.

Another method is to use a blackhead removal strip which adheres to the blackheads and pulls them out. These seem to work for some people and not others, depending on the texture and oiliness of your skin generally.

We are all unique, so always consult a health professional or dermatologist before trying any treatments for acne and nose blackheads.

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