May 18, 2024

How to lose belly fat is very important to many people. New medical studies continue to pile on evidence that maintaining a healthy is the number one factor in fending off disease and living longer.  There is also a tremendous social pressure to lose for one who has extra fat on his/her body.

The most common area where one usually wishes to lose is on his/her belly.  While there are no ways to specifically target the fat around the midsection, a few powerful tips for loss in general can be applied to lose that spare tire.  Here are four of them.

How to lose Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat
How to lose belly fat

It is important to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your loss program

Anything that gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling winded when you’re done is generally good for losing belly fat.  Some exercise ideas include riding your bike, walking, running, swimming, or aerobics.  Do any of these activities for 30 minutes, four to five times a week, and you will generally be getting the proper amount of cardiovascular exercise.

Studies show that eating smaller meals five to six times a day can help you both lose and maintain a healthy .  The reasons for this seem to be twofold.  When you eat, you naturally use energy to digest your food.  Thus, the more often you eat, the more energy you will be expending trying to digest that food.  Additionally, eating more often means you will be hungry less and therefore less likely to binge.

While slightly counterintuitive, putting muscle on your body can actually help you lose fat.

The reasoning behind this is that it takes your body more calories to maintain muscle than it does fat.  Doing some simple strength training exercises such as lifting weights, push-ups, or pull-ups can add muscle to your frame, thereby increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

Most people get far too many calories from their drinks

Colas and juices can contain as much as 150 calories per serving.  Just two servings per day can lead to 35 extra pounds of body fat per year.  Replacing these drinks with cold water can help you lose belly fat through two ways.  First, you are eliminating a large chunk of calories out of your diet which contains almost no nutrients.  Also, when you drink cold liquid your body must expend energy to maintain your natural body temperature.

Spare tire, love handle, call it what you will — many people struggle with trying to lose stubborn belly fat.  Belly fat, however, is no different from any other fat on your body.  Using common -loss techniques, such as the ones described above, will help you lose in a healthy manner. How to lose belly fat is in your own hands.

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  1. i am on a diet to lose the i need to lose belly as my belli is big i have to button my jeans under it as they are to small to go ove ithen have a huge big buldge all fat ther is a gap between my tops and my jeans band and my belly hangs over the band i had a workman in i know him and his wife very well and he said have you got your name in for a bigger house i said i dont need one he looked at my belly sorry i thought you were pregnant i just laughed i patted my belly no that is all fat i know it is big he laughed he said big you look as fi you were going to have another kid what on earth are you now i said i am 16 stone 10 lbs and it is all fat i said i have got fatter from the last time you saw me yes you havent half put the beef on the last we saw you i said i was 10 stone i have actually put on over 7 stone i was 17 stone 10 lbs i said if i didnot bother i would have been over 20 stone by now but i said you have put thr on yourself yes i have but i am only 12 stone well i said step on he scales he was 22 stone i am pleased he i pver 6 stone heavier than me great

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