April 24, 2024

Many people ask me what the best food for losing are and I have to day that there are a few things that I like to tell people before I answer that questions.

First there is how your body uses energy and then there is how to make sure that your body does not store fat.

First of all your body is a machine that needs to use a base sugar called glycogen to function.

Glycogen is Broken Down Carbs


What are low carb diets and do they work?Glycogen is a broken down version of sugar and is not eaten by you but instead is broken down in your body so that you have the energy available to your muscles that they need.

So now the important question is what does your body need to create this glycogen stuff? The answer is that your body can use anything, protein, carbohydrates or fat to create glycogen but it uses the items in the most efficient form possible.

Your body will use simple sugars first, then carbohydrates, then fats or protein. This single fact is why the Atkins diet works best over the short term but now in the long term.

If your body does not have access to carbohydrates it will in a pinch use the fats in your body to create glycogen for your muscles and at the same time your body will start slowing your metabolism as it will think it is going into a starvation mode.

Diet Confusion – Why Atkins Doesn’t Work Long Term

So now we know why Atkins works in losing for the first couple of weeks but after this usually people have trouble losing on Atkins and that is because your body thinks that it is starving and slows down.

There is an alternative and that is to stop your diet after a few days and then move to another diet a few days after going off of that diet.

The best way to have a nutrition careers is to become a dietitian. That gives you access to careers within and connected to the Australian healthcare system. But alternative career paths are also available for nutritionists

If you use this cycling method of dieting you will be able to lose consistently and not have to go through the expense, and vitamin needs of Atkins.

Eating a higher protein diet as well as having the fruits and vegetables needed to stay healthy is the best fat loss diet possible

The two diets that I know of that use this cycling method of changing your diet after a few days is the Body for life system which has six days on the diet and one day off the diet.

The most important thing here as you can see is to use confusion to your body in your diet.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Diet That Works

  1. Thank you very much for this article. But in my opinion making a diet is a very serious thing.
    Organisms of all people are different and everyone needs an individual approach because a wrong diet can lead to a terrible consequences. One day I was looking for a diet to lose some weight and stumbled on a very interesting site where i found a different methods of losing weight.
    After that I began to treat the diet much more seriously than before.

  2. I would love to lose but I do not have the money to buy foods that are diet healthy. It is my experience that many people who are the slim and beautiful of this world have more serious faults such as cattiness and are judgmental. Stop looking at the packaging and appreciate the gift inside!!!!

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