May 24, 2024

new-momsI know that when my wife gave birth to each of our kids that it was not too obvious as to what she should be doing next to get into shape. Sure if you read around you can find some info easily enough but I just ran across a program that a lasy has started to help new mothers get together and get new mothers into better shape after pregnancy

Amanda Russell  takes fitness in stride. Literally.  Russell,  mother of a 1-year-old  son, runs a workout program  for moms called Stroller Strides.

A franchise, Stroller Strides, is a  60-minute class that focuses on  cardiovascular activities and  muscle-strengthening exercises using  resistance bands, body and  strollers. Moms are able to interact with  their babies throughout their workout.

‘Stroller Strides is not only an amazing  workout, but a great social outlet for  myself and my daughter,’ said Danielle  Rousayne of Pembroke, mother of a  20-month-old daughter. ‘I did not have  many friends in the area with children,  and these women have become some of  my best friends. I love that my daughter  can play with other kids.’

This is a great thing. Look around your community if you are a new mom and see if you can find a program like this as well to do more than sit and meet new moms but instead move while you are meeting with other new moms.

2 thoughts on “Improving the Health of New Mothers

  1. What a good idea!! Interacting with your baby while getting back into shape using your strollers! I’ll have to check to see if there is a program like that in my neighborhood.

  2. Im always so amazed by movies stars who have a baby and then get back in shape in what seems like just a few weeks…I wonder if they are doing plans like the one mentioned above…?

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