May 25, 2024

I have had an iPhone and an iPad for three years or so and just like any other fitness person I have used my iphone for tracking speed and mileage for walking and running. I used the Runkeeper app a lot last Summer in getting ready for the Kidney March.

Well there was a leak today to the website 9to5mac that seems to show that Apple is looking to take over that tracking market that is so very popular.

So What is Healthbook?

As detailed in the images throughout this article, which are complete recreations of screenshots, Healthbook’s user interface is largely inspired by the iPhone’s existing Passbook application. Versions of Healthbook in testing are capable of tracking several different health and fitness data points.

Each category of functionality is a card in the Healthbook. Cards are distinguished by a color, and the tabs can be arranged to fit user preferences. As can be seen in the above images, Healthbook has sections that can track data pertaining to bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, physical activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and .

HealthBookSo if this is in fact true we may see some releases rollout or even a whole suite that is rumored to include things Oxygen Saturation, blood glucose, hydration and even sleep tracking.

There is one thing that makes this difficult to do though and that is the probes or measuring devices. We will have to see if there is going to be any extra addons like Nike used to have when you would need to by the little tag to put on your shoe to track mileage. This kind of plays right into the idea of the Apple Watch though so there may need to be a few announcements coming.

Would this be a “must Buy” item for you? Would you like to have all your health and related info on your phone? Some people worry about privacy, I would instead worry more about accuracy.

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