November 28, 2023

treadmillWith so many of us cutting out the expensive gym memberships and looking to home based fitness programs, investing in some items of home fitness equipment can be a motivating way to get you on the road to slim, fit and toned! Here are a few tricks and tips for getting you thinking about what you would like to create at home.

Even if you do not have much room there are ways to maximize your floor space to squeeze as much in as safely and effectively as possible. There are many choices out there from rowing machines, treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes and it can be rather overwhelming.

All in all there are three areas to think about when designing your home gym. First, consider what your physical fitness goals are for your gym. Is your aim to tone, build cardiovascular fitness, build up muscle or lose ? These factors will depend on your sex, age and your health and fitness levels and social factors like whether you have a partner or family.

Second there are some real ‘must haves’ in the range of home fitness equipment like free weights, at least one cardio machine, and dumbbell sets. Look for equipment combinations that are most suitable for your home gym while considering your personal fitness goals and the practical things like your budget and floor space.

Third bear in mind the floor plan and layout you would like. Consider things like which pieces of gym equipment fit together in dedicated workout areas, floor space requirements, window positions along with mirrors and other exciting accessories.

So let’s look in more detail at the three main areas above.

Regarding your physical fitness goals, consider the areas of cardio, fat burn and loss and assess how over you are, if at all. It may be helpful to take a look at some height and charts to determine the type of aerobic and cardiovascular exercises suitable for you and how much training equipment is needed.

Notice how your is distributed. Are you top or bottom heavy? For example, if you are bottom heavy, focus on exercising the legs, so a bike or treadmill is better than an a cross trainer. If your is pretty much balanced, then having a general range of equipment is best.

Other things to think about regarding your objectives for your home fitness equipment are whether you have any injuries, your current level of fitness and who else will be using the equipment. Also, it is important to be clear about your objectives when you go to the store or buy online so you stick to your plan and are not influenced!

Regarding layout, basements are ideal as they can support the heavy of gym machines and weights. Be sure that you have enough space to stretch in all directions for mat based workouts. Keep cardiovascular equipment next to windows that you can open to get fresh air while you work out. Have the step, bench mat and rack in the same area.

It is a good idea to use mirrors in your gym and in fact is it essential when using free weights to ensure a good posture, so mount them on as many walls as possible. Put a full length mirror in your stretch area. Mirrors help to ensure you keep good posture at all times.

These are great starting points to consider when designing your own gym at home. Assessing your own individual objectives further will help you to decide what kind of home fitness equipment you will need to create your ideal home fitness empire!

3 thoughts on “Home Fitness Equipment: What To Get And Where To Put It

  1. This secret to keep working out on your cardio machines, is to make your workouts short and intense. Long boring cardio sessions will quickly sap you of motivation. Which will lead to you quitting exercising all together.

  2. Strength training is the best way to lose belly fat for those who don’t like to jog or feel a modality like yoga is too complex. Unlike the other activities on this list, training takes only 20 minutes two or three times per week for an effective workout. The effects of lifting s in a home gym are lasting too; you’ll build muscle mass and condition your body, and improving your metabolism will cause your body to burn fat all of the time even while you sleep. Cardio workouts alone cannot do that.

  3. You can think like you want but in my opinion doing “natural” sports like jogging and bicycling or swimming are alwasy the best alternatives.

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