May 20, 2024

If you hate gyms but want a toned and strong body, then considering an investment in some home gym equipment may be your answer. Also known as multigyms, home gyms let you consistently workout and help you build muscle, tone up and keep a healthy heart.

Home gyms are for those who want to change their body shape and become more toned and fit. Make sure to get a stack of hand heldweights with a range of so you can build up. Using light weights every day leads to athletic toned arms and legs.

Why Would You Want a Home Gym

multigymYour home gym can help you become stronger by toning your core muscles,  the smaller, more internal muscles attached to your bones. You do not need to have massive muscles to be stronger. If however you do want to build muscle and gain an eye catching six pack, then your home gym will do this for you too if you increase your weights gradually each week.

So, what features do you look for in home gym equipment? It largely depends on what you want to gain from your gym. The more areas of your body that you want to focus on, the more features your home gym equipment should have.

To make it clearer, here are some different parts of the gym defined.

  • The lat pulldown or lat bar is a long handlebar above your head with a cable attached to it. It is connected to a stack of weights. You can either stand, kneel or sit and pull it down towards you and ease it back up again to exercise your shoulders and upper arms.
  • The press arms are when you push or pull with your hands to tone your upper body and arms. If you want to broaden your shoulders or chest, this machine will help.
  • A pec deck is two levers below the press arms. This machine will condition the arms and chest in a different way and gives you great pectoral muscle definition.
  • A leg extension is orientated at your feet where you will see a T-shape padded roll. You pull this up and then away from you to exercise your legs. It’s great for training up for running and powering up hills!
  • The stack is the center of your home gym. It is a stack of weights giving resistance during your workout. An adjustable metal pin lets you choose the amount of resistance you want by connecting or disconnecting the weights from your machine. This also saves you physically moving them.
  • The station is where you can stand, lie or sit to exercise. A home gym can have one or more of these as space allows.

So make a note of which particular area of your body you want to focus on: your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, or abs to determine which type of home gym equipment you go for. Decide on your fitness goals such as, what kind of exercise routine you want, whether the equipment will fit in your home and what the costs are. With these considerations in mind, you will choose the perfect home gym equipment for you.

4 thoughts on “Home Gym Equipment: The Multigym

  1. Do you have any recommendations for a good multigym if space is an issue. We don’t have room for more than one machine, so I’m trying to find the best option for a complete workout solution.

  2. T stay in fresh health this equipment will certainly help me. It is good news to see people like you are finding us the best tools, but isn’t the multigym a bit expensives and causes some harm if you don’t use it well?

  3. I was just going through the building body muscle blogs when i came across your blog. You have suggested here about The Multigym. I would like to say that it would be very nice of you if you please tell the investment amount also, which I’ll be facing in building this gym.

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