March 5, 2024

Be it out of concern for health and fitness, or simply a desire to look like the celebrities glossing on the front covers of fashion magazines, people these days are getting more and more enthused about weight loss. While obesity has always been there, the craze for loss is certainly a recent phenomenon.

More recently, another big change has come in people’s mindset regarding fitness and loss: nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy a home-based fitness machine so that they can workout at home instead of having to hit the gym everyday.

If you haven’t yet joined the revolution, why not? There can be possibly three reasons why you may be hesitating to buy a fitness equipment for home. Let me clear all your doubts and hesitations once and for all through this article.

1. Convenience vs. Inconvenience: How many times have you cursed the gym owner because you had to cancel an important appointment or meeting in order to hit the gym? How many times did you have to skip your lunch or breakfast for the gym? How many times did it happen that you felt like watching a movie in the afternoon but that movie time coincided with the time you are supposed to hit the gym? How many times have you wished you could watch your favorite television soap and workout at the same time?

Well, these are only possible if you buy a home-based exercise equipment. Why beat the bad weather outside, skip your meals, or sacrifice entertainment for the purpose of working out in the gym? When you have a home-based exercise equipment, you literally have the gym right there at home. All you need to do is to get out of bed, brush your teeth, take a bath and start your workout routine. Come rain, fog or snow, you would be able to maintain your regular workout routine nonetheless.

2. Cost vs. Health: Let’s face it, just like anything else in life, exercise equipments cost money too. There are cheap and expensive equipments to choose from. Now, “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean bad or inferior; in the same way, “expensive” is not always an indication of superiority.

You need to buy a decent equipment: neither one which is poorly built nor one that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. A decent equipment offering the bare minimum would be ideal for you, and you should expect to pay decent amount for such an equipment. Just think about it, if you are already a member of a gym you are probably paying hundreds of dollars there every month. Can you imagine how much money you would be saving by buying a home-based exercise equipment?

Or, if you are not doing any workout at all, let me ask you a question: is money worth more to you than your health? If not, then you shouldn’t hesitate in investing in a quality fitness equipment.

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  1. I do have to say that exercising at home isn’t something that I can seem to get my head around, too many distractions.

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