April 12, 2024

I thought that a nice Sunday ritual might be to recap my week on the blog so that I can share what was working for me during the week, the things that I did, lessons learned, and hopefully a little inspiration for you as a reader to help you get fit.

Does that sound good? A bit narcissistic maybe by me but hopefully it will give you some value 🙂

Jawbone Up24

Last Sunday my wife was a bit disappointed that she just is not getting enough exercise and decided that “today is the day” that she was going to get a fitbit.

I was put in charge of getting one and since I have researched these quite a bit I knew that the using of the device was the most important thing, They are all mostly the same with a couple of drawbacks each and strengths with others.

Anyway in the end the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GOGV37I” locale=”US” tag=”calputerbusin-20″]Jawbone Up24[/easyazon_link] is a little better than the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BGO0Q9O” locale=”US” tag=”calputerbusin-20″]Fitbit[/easyazon_link] and was on sale for only $70 at a local store so that was my wifes new electronic pedometer/sleep tracker

Walking Lots This Week

Going for a walk this week gave us an opportunity to see lots of ice as Winter had her last hurrahSo the Up24 led to walking week. My wife and I love to go for walks and the number of steps that she is supposed to do a day (10,000 total) meant that she would have to add an evening walk to the day to make sure she got those steps in.

And of course I was more than game to go for a walk with my pretty wife.

Walking is fantastic exercise which burns calories, reduces stress, connects you with the outdoors, and disconnects you from the internet.

All great things as a break in the day.

So on Monday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon we went on walks.

I used the Runkeeper app on my old iPhone and she just has the Jawbone track her steps. The weather is really turning to Spring here in Calgary so it is getting warmer and nicer to walk.

Well the weather is nice except Yesterday with this ice everywhere.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla soupOne of the meals that we had this week was a Chicken Tortilla Soup.

I really liked this even though my wife cut back on the spice, it was still great but not too spicy for the kidlets. I will post a recipe here as well

We tend to have a lot of soups I think and my wife is always making sure that there are lots of leftovers as I love to have left overs for lunch, which saves money and decision making for food

This leads to the next thing

Meal Planning – Again

We have done meal planning in the past. The idea is that you sit down one day on the weekend and make sure you have a plan for every day of the week for meals.

We really just worry about dinners but breakfast is dealt with as well and lunch, well lunch takes care of itself.

So last Sunday morning my daughter came up with a list for every meal including the Tortilla soup and a couple other new recipes.

My wife and I then went out shopping and got all the stuff. Today my wife and I made the list before she went out grocery shopping.

The really great thing about meal planning is that since you have a meal for every night you do not go out and have fast food to fill in any unplanned evenings.

Another good reason is that we can plan our day without having to shop in the middle of the week for stuff that is missing from the fridge and pantry. You spend a lot more shopping multiple times during the week because you end up buying more junk food and impulse items.

Kidney breakdown this week

taylorFinally the week also involved my daughter ending up in the hospital again to get rehydrated.

If you don’t know about my daughter, Taylor has Nephronthysis which is a kidney disease that she caught genetically from my wife and I. It is a mess but will lead to her having her kidneys pulled in the next couple months and then I will be donating a kidney to her just a few weeks later.

Her issue this week was that she has been really tired and missed a few weeks of school again and also has had a bad headache for a few weeks which usually we associate with dehydration but this time we were looking for some better answers.

Anyway one thing that seemed to make a difference is a Neurologist that we talked to was saying that sometimes the effect of migraine style headaches can be reduced by supplementing with Vitamin B2 and that my daughter should also take Melatonin in the late evening to help her sleep better.

Both of these have made a huge difference and Taylor has now perked up this weekend and has a much better attitude towards things

Wow, that was a busy week. I knew there was a reason to create this post. I hop you learned some stuff and also have some confidence to push on this week with some great enthusiasm and motivation.