May 24, 2024

LA Fitness center clubs are everywhere these days. Established in 1984, LA Fitness International LLC now has clubs in 24 US states as well as locations in Canada and other countries. There are over 60 clubs in California alone.

There are many benefits to joining a gym or fitness club like LA Fitness center. However, it is not right for everybody. Here are some points to think about before you sign up for membership.

1. Will You Use It?

LA Fitness Center
LA Fitness Center

Some people join a gym only to find that they lose motivation after a couple of weeks. Others, however, find that having paid something for membership is a big incentive to use it, and it works out very well for them. It can be hard to know ahead of time which category you will fall into until you give it a try.

Often, clubs offer great deals for annual or lifetime membership. This can save you a lot of money but you need to be sure that you will use the facilities regularly. If you have never joined a gym before, it is probably better to avoid those deals and pay month by month.

2. Do You Enjoy Working Out With Other People?

One of the biggest attractions of a health club can be the people that you meet there. You can meet new people, make friends and more. You can also go with a friend and keep each other motivated.

Many people feel self conscious about being around a lot of other people in gym wear. It may seem like everybody else has a better body or more style. Try to let go of these feelings and remember that most of the people you are admiring probably feel exactly the same way. If you do this, you may soon find that you feel better about your body and going to the gym becomes something to look forward to.

3. Is It The Right Club For You?

Even after you decide that gym membership is right for you, there are still some questions to think about with regard to the particular club that you join. Is it in a convenient location, close to your home or work, or on a route that you frequently drive? Does it offer classes that interest you at a time that would suit your schedule?

It is always a good idea to visit a fitness club before joining. Many clubs offer a free guest pass which you can use to inspect the equipment, meet the staff and soak in the atmosphere. The staff are important, so do not ignore them on your visit. Take a moment to chat so that you can pick up on their attitude to clients and whether they are knowledgeable about the fitness issues that matter to you.

The LA Fitness center corporation says that its mission is to help as many people as possible achieve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To this end, they have set up clubs in many areas offering access to extremely well equipped gyms as well as classes in everything from step aerobics to Many clubs have pools where you can swim independently or join a class in water aerobics or lap swimming (and no – that is not related to lap dancing!)

LA Fitness also offer a corporate wellness program, working with companies to improve the health and fitness of their staff. This can mean staff take less time off sick and can reduce health care costs, as well as making staff happier in their jobs and less likely to leave. If your company is near to an LA Fitness center, it could be worth contacting them to ask if this might be available in your area.

5 thoughts on “LA Fitness Center: Is It Worth Joining?

  1. Nice discussion. I faced same problem. Then I purchased an e-book.
    This book is very impressive, I am very happy as I lost lots of within a month.

  2. If your smart & value the opinions of others, then keep clear of the LA Fitness health clubs! I worked in one of the NY based clubs for 5 months and was exposed to the inner workings of this company. The employee’s are instructed to lie to members when repairs that are needed to the gym are taking far too long to be completed, while the gym makes harassing phone calls to members who owe money on their accounts { ie; we are aware of the problem, but it may take several days to complete… 3 or 4 weeks later the repair or problem will still not have been fixed! } Also, be aware of the sales staff too… they will make all kinds of empty promise’s & flat out lie to your face to get your credit card information! If you decide to cancel your membership, then the sales staff will do everything to get you to change your mind… Be sure to send your cancellation paperwork by certified mail, otherwise LA Fitness will claim to never have received your notice & will continue to make charges onto your credit card. PLEASE take this warning seriously, this gym will screw you over if your not careful…

    1. All fitness clubs have complaints of this nature. It doesn’t do any good to “stay away” from one but attend another. Not only that, but different locations can vary significantly, depending on who’s in charge and the number and sort of people who attend at that location. It’s a lot like everything else. Hopefully you wouldn’t expect every grocery store to be like every other. If they’re in a poor location, you get a poor store. If they’re in a wealthy location, you get a much better store. If a lot of people live in the vicinity, you can expect the store to be crowded and probably have more issues than a store in a less crowded location.

      The LA Fitness I attend is clean and well maintained with decent management, but I wouldn’t be so naive as to expect every other LA Fitness to be like the one I attend.

      As for the sales staff making empty promises… Were you born yesterday or something? Have you never dealt with salesmen before? Have you never bought a car or rented an apartment or shopped for a house? Geez! Salesmen can be pretty sleazy–that’s just how it is folks. Welcome to life!

      Lastly, when dealing with any company which uses your credit card for monthly charges, YOU need to pay close attention! The only way to ensure you don’t get more charges is to CANCEL your credit card at your bank. That is, tell a little white lie, and report the card as stolen. But even then, you should try to use it yourself to ensure it’s been cancelled. (An easy way to do this is to try to purchase some little item online. If your card number is accepted, you know you need to call the bank again.) When it comes to your money, YOU are the one who cares the most about it. So stop whining and complaining about other people cheating you. That’s how life is for people who are asleep at the switch.

  3. A very commercial club. Too many members, not enough equipment and long expensive contracts. My two cents.

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