April 21, 2024

I have written a few articles in the past about joining a gym. To me a gym is just a place that you need to have as a place to help you get in shape.

I know that many people can work at home and I myself have done that on and off for a long time but for me, a gym just feels like a great place to look forward to and build myself up.

As I have written before I do have a work gym that I use but just like anyone I can come up with excuses and I probably make it to the gym at work at lunch 3 times a week and then get some kind of exercise one day a week outside of that.

I want more.

Goodlife Fitness in AirdrieI am trialing a 14 day $14 membership at Goodlife Fitness in Airdrie and this afternoon I went to the gym for the orientation and to find out more.

I filled out the standard disclaimer and met with Ella, who showed me around and then brought me into a closing room.

The thing to remember about a gym at this time of year is that there is a lot of pressure to sell memberships. People don’t join gyms in July, people join gyms in January with the new year.

Ella told me about the great deals that Goodlife Fitness is offering this time of year and then got me all signed up for the 14 day trial. Then I got the chance to get a cardio workout in.

Why Do I Want To Join A Gym?

Even though I do have a work gym in Calgary, I don’t have the opportunity to go on the weekends when it would be easier to find an hour, it is 30 minutes or so from my home in Airdrie (a suburb north of Calgary)¬†each way and for me it just isn’t very convenient to go that far.

Second reason I am looking at another gym is to give me that evening opportunity to workout if I can’t make it during the day.

Third reason is different equipment and a change of scenery to keep me excited and motivated.

When you do go to a gym to check it out you need to know how it all works. Here is an article I wrote a while back about how the process of joining works.

Have you joined a gym? Are you interested in joining a gym? I know that after belonging to many gyms over the years I have seen and been in all the different types of gyms including light social gyms, cardio style gyms, and even a few hardcore loud gyms with lots of weights and steroids.

Now I am looking for something in between. I hope that this Goodlife Fitness gym is the way to go for me


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