October 1, 2023

Position: A supine position on the bench or on the floor with a low box or stool under the shoulders. The arms are held with locked elbows straight over the chest and a dumbbell is grasped in each hand.

Action: Keeping  both  elbows  locked,  the  s  are  lowered directly to the sides until the hands or weights floor. They are then brought back to the starting position over the chest, keeping the elbows locked during the entire movement.
Breathing: In this exercise, as in the Straight Arm Pull Over, the breathing is very important. As the arms are lowered, the lungs must be filled with air, and the air must be expelled as the arms are raised to the starting position.

Progression: This movement should be started with 10 counts and 2 counts added each week until 20 have been performed, then 2½ lbs. should be added to each dumbbell and the movement begun again at 10 counts.

Goal: Girls and women should work up to a resistance of 10 lbs. in each hand. Boys and men should work up to a resistance of 20 lbs. in each hand.

Results: The results from this exercise are the same as from the Straight Arm Pull Over but in addition has a more direct effect upon the development of the muscles on the front of the chest (pectoralis major and minor) .

Comments: In this exercise, also, it is better not to use too much on the dumbbells, but to concentrate on the breathing and the stretching of the chest. Few children will be able to use over 10 lbs. in each hand until they are over fourteen years of age.

Note: Instead of starting with both arms over the chest, have only the arm on the low side over the chest. The other arm is kept straight out to the side holding to a dumbbell or other object on the floor. We then lower out to the side and down to the floor the arm over the chest. Breathe in as it goes down and out as it is raised. The movement is the same as with both arms except that one arm (the one on the high side of the chest) is kept extended to the side with the hand or dumbbell kept on the floor. The other arm (the one on the low side) is raised and lowered the required number of counts. In this manner the lower side will be developed and raised to balance the higher side.

These three exercises, the Straight Arm Pull Over, the Lateral Raise on Bench or Stool, and the Alternate Dumbbell Pull Over will bring about a fine development of the rib box.

All back and leg exercises aid in chest development by placing a demand on the muscles of inspiration to meet the great need for oxygen in the tissues. This movement, like the two before it, should follow a back or leg exercise in a program for best results.

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