May 25, 2024

Bench presses are some the best exercises that we can do and these bench press tips will totally build your upper body for the upper body.

There are many reasons why the Bench Press is a fantastic exercise. You get to really use a natural movement to work your pecs, deltoids, triceps, and all of those stabilizing muscles in between these core muscles.

I have written before about how there are different angles for bench press but there is also a lot of tips that can make your bench presses more effective and your chest gains better as well.

Basics Of Bench Press Sets

Bench Press Tips
Bench Press Tips

Bench Press Rep Speed – The most important thing to get right is the speed and intensity of your reps.

Make sure that you get your pacing right with the declining part of the rep being slow, about two seconds, and as you are raising the bar up make sure that it is faster.

The lowering part of the rep is the most important and will build the muscle.

Bench Press Set Length – You need to do only a few reps per set of bench press. six to eight reps is fine for bench press. But most importantly you need to be completely spent by the time that your set ends.

There are several ways to really burn out those pecs, but most importantly you need to.

Advanced Bench Press Tips

There are a few ways to make more of your bench press and these are by upping the intensity of your sets and reps.

These methods are going to make you sore but the idea is to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible in your bench press. These bench press tips are great but are not tips for beginners.

Negatives – Negatives bench presses are done with a training partner. What you need to do is half reps.

Have the training partner lift the off your chest and then do a rep back down slowly to your chest. Once the gets to the bottom your partner will raise it for you.

Stripping Weight – Start your set with a higher than normal. This should only allow you to do 3 full reps.

Once you do these reps then you can quickly jump off and take some off so that you can get another three reps. This means that you will be getting even more muscle fiber recruitment than you could get from one set.

Supersets for Chest – Finally you can do supersets. Supersets are when you weaken your muscle with one exercise and then immediately do another exercise to finish them off.

Start with a set of bench press and then when there is nothing left you quickly move to flyes to finish off your chest.

As I said before these tips are not for everyone but instead for more advanced lifters.

Try your best to get the most from your bench press workouts using these bench press tips and therefore build a bigger and stronger chest.

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  1. Great tips as super sets always have been a favorite of mine. It is also important to make sure you do exercises for your triceps as they also help with your bench.

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