May 19, 2024

I found out about an iPhone app a while back called Lift. Actually I used it for a while and dropped it but this past week I started using it again and notice that it is now cross platform for iPhones as well as Android devices.

Lift is free to get and use and makes a big difference in how I now start and use my day.

What is Lift?

lift interfaceLift is a kind of ongoing task app. What you do is add a few things you want to do on a regular basis, creating habits, and as you check in Lift will congratulate you and track how often you have done this task – and there is no limit to the tasks you an put in there.

Further to this, if you have a popular task that you want to do, let say “Go to the gym”, you will find that as you go and say you have done this today (by clicking on a checkmark) you will also see below the task that there are questions that people have asked the Lift community about the task as well as answers that others have left.

These people don’t know you but you can find a lot of helpful and very related questions and answers that might help you along in your journey.

Lift also has a feature that allows you to make a not on your task for the day and others can give you a thumbs up, or comment, and you can follow others and see their progress.

How do I use Lift?

Since I came back to Lift last week and saw all these great features I added a couple of new tasks and started tracking each day. These are the ones that I have

  • Blog More
  • Go To gym
  • Meditate
  • Pranayama (this is a breathing technique)
  • Read
  • Stop and Enjoy Life
  • EFT Tapping (this is a new thing I am trying I will blog about it this weekend)
  • Set Priorities for the day

That list actually to me looks a little big as I see it but lots of these tasks that I am doing only take 10 minutes or so to accomplish. What I do in the morning is look through the list and kind of mentally figure out where to fit things in and move on from there (I guess that takes care of the “Set Priorities” task ).

You will notice that these are really daily type tasks, I am trying to get a better schedule of self care things that I do. The good thing is that stuff that is not planned this way gets easily forgotten but as long as I am using the Lift app and have it on the front screen of my phone I will always been looking and doing these daily tasks.

I am currently really loving this app. I have heard a couple of interviews with one of the creators of Lift and they really just keep adding features to make this a more and more useful app for everyone, they are always adding stuff based on user feedback and that is something great to see.

Are you using anything like this right now? I can tell you it is life changing in a very simple way and is well worth trying out. Let me know what you are doing with this if you end up signing up for Lift.