May 19, 2024

Today being Halloween and with two little kids I thought I would just drop a bunch of links to health news for you to check out at your leisure.

A new sex study was released which found nothing new as far as I see although others may believe that it is more interesting than I think (I have no idea why I don’t write more about sex issues on this blog…should I?)

Here in Canada Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it will be cutting trans fats from their chicken. To bad that they are two years too late and that the yummy chicken is really more poison to your arteries than food.

A new strain of H5N1 otherwise known as bird flu has been found in china. Flu season is just about to get started so I guess we will see more of these kinds of stories and the whole health industry is holding it’s breath for bird flu to become a pandemic with so few people in the third world being protected against it.

And finally. I am a sucker for reading about the craziest diets and the Diet Blog today has an article about the OXO diet. You know what OXO is it is those little salty spice cubes for making soup. apparently one man found that they were a good meal replacement and he has lost with them. Of course this will work and is a very cheap meal replacement, but remember there are no nutrients in an OXO cube either

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