October 1, 2023

If you are bored of your exercise routine or are too busy to spend long hours in your local gym, or if you are simply terrified at the very mention of exercises, then this article is for you. In this article I will tell about some simple workouts that won’t take much of your time and yet will help you lose a lot of very quickly!

According to this exercise plan, you will need to do about two exercises. The first one requires you to spend just five minutes per day, which I hope is not too much for you. The second one requires you to spend twenty minutes per day for three or four weeks which again, I hope, is manageable. Okay, let me now get down to the facts straight.

Hindu squats

Not many people know that Hindu squats can help you with loss; the few who know about it tend to avoid it because it is just too hard; in fact, it is probably the hardest form of exercises I have ever seen. But then again, remember that the usual rate of loss failures is more than 70%. and if you don’t want to fail like others, you need to try something which others are not doing, right?

Now, since doing this is not easy, you need to be highly motivated for this. What was your original motivation for loss? Did you embark on this loss journey simply because you hated your fat belly? If this is so, then let that be your motivation for dong the Hindu squats; the more you hate your belly, the more motivated you will be, and the easier it will be for you to perform the squats; and do I need to tell you that the more squats you do, the faster you will lose ?

There are two bad things about Hindu squats:

a) You cannot rest too much, since you need to do a lot of squats within a short amount of time. To give you an idea, if you want quick loss, you need to do at least a hundred squats within five minutes or less. In the beginning you won’t be able to do as much, but do try to reach this target to the best of your abilities. Do keep in mind that there is no such limit of ‘100 squats’; you can do more if you want!

b) The second bad thing about it is that you cannot ‘cheat’ and lose weight. In order to derive the maximum benefits out of Hindu squats, you need to bend down deep enough so that your fingers touch the ground – for EACH squat! Now that is pretty intense, no? However, make no mistake about it: Hindu squats really WORK!

Mini-trampoline jumping

This is another workout you can do. You only need to spend just twenty minutes per day and 3-4 weeks on this in order to see results! Now you maybe wondering where you would get those twenty minutes from, right? Well, if you watch television for an hour, I am sure there are at least ten commercials in between. Instead of spending twenty minutes of your valuable time watching those ten commercials, why not spend it doing some mini-trampoline jumping?

6 thoughts on “Little known great exercises

  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog and post.
    Your article made me curious enough to watch
    the video. And, oh, boy, it is intense exercise!

    I do totally agree with Mary, this sort of work
    out is not for everybody, not for those who suffer
    severe joint pain (I am thinking of my mother).

    Also, I think this wouldn’t suit somebody who just
    started with fitness and is really very much
    over. Even those five minutes can get them
    to the point of quitting. But, as you said,
    one must be committed¦



  2. Yes, I could imagine it could be tough on the knees but most bearing exercises tend to be.

    And yes, I do have trouble with my knees off and on

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