April 25, 2024

Losing weight while watching TV seems like one of those nirvana type situations that would be great but very tough to figure out. For all of the couch potatoes that watch lots of TV everyday there has to be a way to watch TV every night and still lose weight.

I laughed out loud, really out loud when I thought of this idea but it was a challenge to think of so here I am coming up with a training plan to lose while watching TV. So here are my ideas for how you could successfully lose while watching TV

Losing Weight While Watching TV

Losing Weight while watching TV
Losing Weight while watching TV

1. Eat right – This is the toughest part of losing for many people. Night time is the time to snack and it is hard to measure how much you are eating when you are not looking at your food but are instead just grabbing food and putting it in your pie hole.

Make sure that what you are eating is low cal by picking fruit like grapes which you can eat one at a time or  fruit salad with all of the different tastes that make you notice that you are eating.

Also, make sure that you are drinking lots of water as it will fill you up more than anything when you are always distracted by the show you are watching.

2. Exercise during commercials – First of all there are a few ways that you can exercise during the shows you watch but you will never do that anyway so be realistic and wait until the commercials. Have a pair of

Have a pair of 5-pound weights dumbells that you can have sitting next to the couch. During commercial breaks you have about a two-minute break and during this break you can  do a couple sets of weights.

The weights that you will do are called supersets. First, do 8-12 reps of shoulder presses and then 8-12 reps of alternating curls per arm. This is it for this commercial break but during the next commercial break, you can do another couple of exercises maybe tricep kickbacks and one armed rows.

The reasons that you are doing weights is not because the weights will directly make you lose but the additional muscle that you will have will help you lose over time.

3. The missing cardio requirement – The real need that you have to lose weight, as well as eating and weights, are the need for cardio.

Cardio exercise is critical and you cannot do it to help you lose while watching TV so my best recommendation is to decide that right before dinner or a half hour after dinner you should go for a bike, run or even a brisk walk so that you have a bit of time before sitting on the couch to have a shower.

This bit of exercise time can help you be confident that you did everything that you needed to get yourself in just a little bit better shape then you were in the day before.

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