April 23, 2024

MSNBC is reporting a study today done by Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research that seems to show that bar patrons drink more beer and drink faster when there is loud music. I hate to say it but I love to see these kinds of stories as they tell us a bit more about the human phyche as we get to think more about how people react to different situations.

Well that and maybe because I am drinking a Corona as I read the latest health news on the internet.

So what does the study really tell us? Well I believe that if we are to think about what people are doing in a bar, and I have been there in the past, they are talking, chacking out what is happening and fidgeting. When you are fidgeting a bit you are more apt to drink or eat whatever is in front of you.

So learn from the studies that you see, in this case I think that you are going to notice in yourself that if you are distracted and people put food in front of you then you will eat it…and lots of it.

1 thought on “Loud music makes people drink more beer

  1. Interesting report, you know “they” say loud music is capable of making people do all kinds of crazy things. Anyhow, I might attribute people’s social habits more to social pressure, or people just being themselves. I’m sure music and alcohol allow people to be themselves more openly. Thanks for sharing Bill.

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