April 24, 2024

Today I read a story that has been covered everywhere about how US schools are going to stop selling high calorie pop in schools and are going to instead focus more on juices and bottled water.

When I was in high school many years ago it was not acceptable to be drinking pop and eating junk food out of the machines, at least it was not for me. Now I look at my daughter who does not eat any junk food almost because of the strictness of my wife and watch my son try to get more candy all of the time. I myself do not always set a very good example, I set a great example for exercise and tell the kids what is good and bad to eat but I still bring a big bag of food to work every day and eat chocolate and pop everyday.

I am happy to see that the schools in the US will stop selling high sugar pop and instead focus on water and juice in the machines but really as a culture we need to go farther. The kids will just bring their own pop or have it after school but there needs to be less of an entitlement culture in North America when it comes to food. we need to decide that fitness and health are up to us as individuals and that the governments are really partners with us in education.

I will not get into the rage I feel when I see the giant lineup at a fast food drive thru of fat guys smoking cigarettes but still if we all decided to make a healthy lifestyle a priority I believe we would all be better off.

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