May 24, 2024

There are three main reasons why most people don’t stick to their diets.

For one, they get too hungry and look to “comfort food” to fill the void.

Secondly, they don’t like the taste of diet food, and out of sheer boredom they look for their usual, “exciting” (aka fattening) cuisine.

And finally, many people simply can’t afford healthy options, and so it’s back to the drive-thru dollar menu. So how can we overcome these obstacles? This article will attempt to provide an answer.

Making Diet Food Taste Good

Sometimes when you start a diet it seems like the food sucks. There are plenty of reasons for this but I want to make sure that you can make diet food taste good.

We will address three things that can be done immediately to not only identify “diet food” that will have your taste buds thanking you, but to also fill up your tummy without emptying your wallet, and you might probably add up to this healthy diet a few unusual supplements to get a better taste like with a touch of curcumin, mesquite, black seed oil and many more !!

I personally believe that you deserve the best of all worlds… health, happiness, satisfaction, sensation, and affordability. So let’s make it happen!

1. Go natural. The closer you can get your diet to 100% natural, the better off you will be and the better the food will taste.

This means instead of buying a frozen or prepackaged meal, do some actual produce shopping. Buy fresh, lean meats. And don’t be afraid to prepare meals yourself.

There are many diet plans out there that rely almost solely on you “eating like a caveman.” When you eat like this, it won’t even feel like you’re eating diet food!

2. Vary your flavors and textures. One reason that people typically hate diet food is that not all flavors and textures are being represented in their meals.

Making Diet Food Taste Good
Making Diet Food Taste Good

People like things to be chewy, salty, juicy, sweet, starchy, meaty, crunchy, spicy, flaky, and a vast array of other things.

Instead of fighting this natural desire for variety, embrace it.

  • Incorporate “heavy” foods like mushrooms and avocados, stick to lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish.
  • Try spaghetti squash for a sweet, hearty crunch.
  • Sprinkle some sea salt on green apple slices to create a different but good taste.

Let your own imagination serve you well.

3. Buy in bulk and clip coupons. The greatest way to save money on your grocery bill is to go into the store with a plan, a budget, and a pocket full of coupons.

Seriously, I can’t stress enough how much you can actually save yourself when you buy big family packs of meat, take advantage of “buy one get one free” offers, and use coupons.

You may also want to check out the meat department’s “discounted meat” selection. If the freshness looks questionable, don’t bother… but I have found many, many great bargains on healthy “diet food” just by taking advantage of clearance items.

Just remember to invest in some freezer bags and fill your freezer to capacity!

These three steps can truly go a long way in making diet food not only a heck of a lot more enjoyable, but a practical and affordable alternative to the garbage that continually contributes to our obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancer epidemics.

You can really make diet food taste good but you just have to work at making sure you buy and prepare it well.

2 thoughts on “Making Diet Food Taste Good

  1. I totally agree with going all natural. Even if you need to get some snacks, try to go with natural fruits, nuts, etc. If you need to get a meal replacement bar, there are a lot of videos on the internet to teach you how to make you own, and they are all natural.

  2. I think fruits, vegetables and nuts have a lot of flavor when they are treated as a snack. The trick is to have more snacks than complete meals. We want our meals to be flavorful and good in taste. Unfortunately, most of the taste comes from artificial flavoring and fattening agents. It’s a complete lifestyle change to go from eating greasy food to healthier options.
    I think it does involve some discipline to change what we eat. So it should be expected to give up on stuff that tastes good like cakes and candy. Some sacrifices do have to be made to become healthy.
    Of course, we can always have our “cheat” meals few times every month and that will not cause any harm to our plans.

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