April 24, 2024
Meditation for Fitness
Meditation for Fitness

Meditation for fitness? How will this make you feel more fit? Why do I want to bring up what my mom calls navel gazing? Well for at least 4000 years people have been using meditation to center the concentration. There are other credited benefits as well.

Benefits of Meditation for Fitness

Many feel that the act of meditation lowers your metabolism to give you greater than sleep type rest. Improvement in the immune system and improved sense of well being are also reported by regular meditation practitioners.

Going through Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer’s work as well as many others you will find a very simple way to meditate that stays away from expensive training although getting a couple books would not hurt anyway.

The first step to meditation for fitness is to sit in a quiet place preferably on the floor with your back up against a wall. To meditate all you need to do is close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You can focus on your breathing coming in through your nose and down to your abdomen and then coming up and out of your mouth. This is a very simple method and should be done for 15-30 minutes twice a day, morning and night.

There are several books that will help you in studying meditation. Also you can go to several websites to learn more. Meditation.com as well as learning meditation.com are great resources.

So do not neglect meditation for fitness as it can really help you out

6 thoughts on “Meditation for fitness

  1. Meditation is the key to fitness success.It promotes forward-looking energy and thinking. Learn to relax and meditate over your ideas in order to make positive decisions.

  2. Bill,
    I think that meditation is a great way to increase your health and make you more fit. We always think of being fit as the physical part, but relaxing your mind and decreasing stress will help more. I always feel better all around whenever I meditate on a consistent basis.

  3. of all the blogs i have red about meditation..
    this was unique one..

    because most of the blogs defining meditation is for the “mindfulness”..

    this was good!@

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