April 25, 2024

I head this story on the news today and just kind of had to laugh, even though it is probably a bit of a serious matter.

Many children enjoy a glass of milk with a cookie before bed but a doctor has found this popular snack may be responsible for a string of health problems. 

Dubbed the ‘milk and cookie disease’, the combination of sugar and dairy late at night is believed to be the cause of many childhood ailments, including running noses, coughs, sore throats, constipation and fatigue.

Dr Julie Wei, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida, made the connection after treating numerous children with the chronic symptoms.

What is Milk and Cookies Disease?

Milk and Cookies DiseaseEven though Milk and Cookies have been a family tradition for decades now there is some research that shows that by eating cookies and drinking milk before bed will cause some of the food to settle back from the stomach to the esophagus.

The research seems to show that the problem is caused my the interaction between the milk and the sugar in the cookies. And not only is this possible but the doctor thinks that up to 75% of American children may be suffering from this.

So you have to ask, do your kids suffer from colds in the morning often? Do they have sore throats, and finally do your kids have sugary snacks with milk within a couple of hours of going to sleep?

If this is the case with your kids then try switching out the milk and cookies with water instead (easy fix eh?) and see if the symptoms go away

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