March 5, 2024
Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler
Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler

The Mr Olympia 2010 results are in and counted, and again the Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler has won the prestigious bodybuilding competition now for the fourth time. The Mr Olympia competition took place on Saturday, 25th September 2010 in Las Vegas. Were Jay Cutler claimed first place; followed by Phil Heath in second and Branch Warren in third.

The Mr. Olympia is part of an annual international bodybuilding competition from the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB). The title Mr Olympia is the title for the winner of the men’s bodybuilding section of the Olympia weekend. This title is considered the highest achievement in pro bodybuilding. The contest created by Joe Weider, was first held in 18th September 1965, which Larry Scott won.

build muscleThe 37-year-old Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler (no relation to the Bears quarterback of the same name) received the award in Las Vegas from the father of bodybuilding, the 90-year-old Joe Weider, and The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.

Cutler had previously won the award in 2006, 2007 and 2009. The only bodybuilders to win the award more time are eight-time winners Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman, seven-time winner Arnold Schwarzenegger and six-time winner Dorian Yates.
This is Jay Cutler’s fourth Mr. Olympia win in five years and his second in a row. Jay Cutler won with a of 270 pounds at a height of 5’9″, were he eats around 6500 calories each day to achieve this .

The results have gotten mixed reviews from fans, which is maybe more subjective compared to other sports because of the judging nature of bodybuilding. The bodybuilding internet forums are alight with praised and criticism from each bodybuilder who are either happy that their favourite bodybuilder won, or didn’t place well.

The biggest surprise of the night seemed to be Kai Greene only getting 7th place, as he was one of the favourites for a top three position. Not of course taking anything away from Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler.

2 thoughts on “Mr Olympia 2010 Jay Cutler

  1. I don’t want to discredit these guys, getting yourself to look like these guys takes work even with steroids.

    The problem is that this Mr. Olympia stuff is in my opinion not something people should want to take part in, these are freak pagents.

    the judges determine which one of them is the “best looking” even though none of them look normal.

    Eugen Sandow opened a whole can of worms when he started this bodybuilding thing.

    -Alex Allmert

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