May 19, 2024

A Natural Cough Remedy is important to all of us. At different times of the year we will all get a cough and the cough may be caused by many things but it seems like overkill to take medication. So what are someĀ natural cough remedy?

There are two types of cough and you will need a different cough remedy for each.

Natural Cough Remedies

Dry Cough Remedy

A dry cough is when you have a tickle in the back of your throat. When you cough, the throat becomes irritated, making you cough more. In this case you need to stop coughing. Remedies that soothe the throat are required.

Natural Cough Remedy
Natural Cough Remedy

Honey can be very soothing to an irritated throat. The traditional honey and lemon drink is great for a dry cough. You can also add ginger to warm the body, turmeric to treat the inflamed throat and – strange as it may seem – pepper, which can be a great cough remedy.

You can also gargle with raw spinach juice to relieve the throat. You will need a juicer that can handle leaves, or use a blender and then strain the resulting liquid. You can add turmeric and/or garlic for added effectiveness if you wish.

Warm the juice to body temperature before you use it. Gargle a few times and then swallow some of the juice. If you hate the taste, try mixing equal parts spinach and carrot juice.

Almonds can be a good remedy too. Soak whole raw almonds overnight or for at least 6 hours. Peel off the brown skin. Crush, grind or blend them and mix with a little honey. This will form a paste which can be eaten alone or on bread.

Marjoram tea can be good for a dry cough. Marjoram is a relaxing herb that eases tension and stress. It can also ease the irritation in your throat.

Wet Cough Remedy

A wet cough is when you are coughing up mucus from the chest. In this case you should not suppress the cough. You need remedies that loosen the mucus so it will come up more easily.

A wet cough is often associated with a chest infection, cold or flu. Garlic can help to treat the infection. Use raw garlic if you can take it, or add it at the last minute to soups and other hot dishes.

Onion also has anti bacterial properties. Juice or blend one medium size onion, add the juice of one lemon and a couple of tablespoons of hot (not boiling) water. Sip this warm liquid slowly.

Grapes can be very good for a wet cough. If you have a cold or flu, you might try eating only grapes for a couple of days. This mono diet will be very easy for the body to digest, leaving it free to focus all of its resources on fighting the virus.

Staying warm is important for all types of cough. Being in a warm, moist environment is ideal. You can inhale steam with some essential oils – eucalyptus for loosening mucus or juniper for a dry cough. Some people like to take a sauna.

It is possible to find a natural cough remedy that works but if your cough persists you should see your doctor who can recommend the Journal of Natural Medicine in case it is a sign of a more serious problem.

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