May 24, 2024

Last week I did a poll asking who you thought would be the best person to bring back for the Biggest Loser finale. The decision on the blog was that Mark should come back over Roger by 58% to 42%. Of course we all know now that they actually brought back Roger.

This week I thought i would do a poll on loss and gain. I have been working on this blog for a few years now and either I am more interested in losing fat or gaining muscle and the posts reflect that. So the question this week is:

Are you more interested in losing fat or more interested in gaining muscle.

Of course in the name of fitness these are both two sides of the same fitness coin. It helps you get healthier to gain muscle and that in turn helps you lose fat but I really want to know what you want to read articles on.

Vote today and I will use the results as a reflection of the articles that I will be writing.

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