May 18, 2024

The two primary challenges of dieting are that we need to eat to survive – and we get hungry. Like it or not, food is critical to existence.

To compound these challenges, there is a magnificent array of food options these days; the choices are endless and enticing – and not always good for us.

A Few Thoughts To Consider

knowledge is powerConsider this: We live in a time in which we are more knowledgeable about what we eat. We know what’s good for us and what’s bad. Food providers are offering more low calorie options.

There are nutritional labels on what we buy. And we dare to tell restaurants: “No sauce and I want a take-home box.” Frankly, the ability to make wise dieting choices is easier now than ever.

Stress and Comfort Foods

Stress levels are soaring and comfort food is … well … such a comfort. There may be a few people in this world who react to stress by “not being able to eat a thing.” But most dieters find a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips a great comfort after a bad day.

Consider this: Yes – it’s okay to occasionally indulge in an evening of comfort when times are tough. But do not let that night’s indulgence carry into the next day. A dieter can deal with relaunching a wavering diet commitment in the morning, but not every morning.

Although better multiple renewed efforts after bad nights (with the appropriate level of guilt), than allowing the previous night’s binge eating to become the new life style.

People Sabotage Your Dreams

Well meaning friends sabotage a dieter. Whether it’s from nurturing – or an inner desire to see the dieter fail (yes, that happens!), family and friends, by making the committed dieter feel guilty, can destroy a will power and commitment.

Consider this: Say, “NO!” It’s that simple. If you hurt your mother’s feeling by not eating her homemade dessert, so be it. If she knows you are trying to shed pounds and makes that dessert any ways, then she’s in the wrong, not you.

If you’re the only person at dinner who doesn’t order dessert and they all reproach you, stand strong – and shame on them. Remind them you need their support. Here’s the deal: if they care about you, they should support you – not undermine. And they aren’t the ones who have to face that bathroom scale the next morning.

Any Exercise is Critical – Don’t Make a Big Deal About It

We don’t have time to exercise – or “it’s boring.”

Consider this: Experts agree that even a little exercise is better than being a slug. Can’t go to the gym? Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the distance of a parking lot, pace while talking on the phone, stand while folding laundry, walk fast, and don’t stroll. Anything that gets a dieter moving is better than sitting. And – honestly – couldn’t you find some time in the day (especially on a weekend) to truly move?

The ultimate diet challenge is that we kid ourselves. We can blame the need for food, stress, family/friends and lack of time, but ultimately, we are culpable for our bad choices and our diet failures.


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