February 28, 2024

Quest nutrition sent me a box of their protein bars a little while ago to try out and I have to say that I really enjoyed them.

I have eaten protein bars on and off for years and they certainly are a great way to keep your nutrition up and to recover from workouts so over the years I have tried dozens of different bars and am proud of it.

A good protein bar will fill me up and aid me in recovery from exercise and depending on the size they tend to be low in calories

If you want to know more about the Quest protein bars in particular I can tell you that they are very good.

When shopping for bars in the past I have found that the protein bars that you buy at your local grocery store are usually made from pretty poor quality ingredients.

Usually you will find bars with crappy quality protein and sweetened with sugar, not much better than a candy bar.

Is the Quest Natural Protein Bar Good for You?

quest-natural-protein-barsHonestly, no one in my house likes protein bars so I got to eat them all (except two) and firstly the flavor was very good.

Usually protein bars come in chocolate or some kind of chocolate variation but these bars came in flavors like apple pie, cinnamon roll, coconut cashew, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

I have been nervous to try the Strawberry Cheesecake protein bar since I don’t like cheesecake. All of the bars that I tried tasted really great.

Next is the fillingness of the bars. One of the reasons that you are eating a bar like these is to try and use it as a meal replacement and the reason that a chocolate bar or other snack is not a good meal replacement is two-fold, first the nutrition is not usually there and secondly it does not fill you up.

The Quest Natural Protein bar is very chewy so it takes time to eat and has 17 grams of fiber so it is filling for a longer time.

I am not saying here that you should live on protein bars, we all need fruits and veggies and the micro nutrients that come from the fresh food that we eat but these bars are great for post workout muscle repair and I find that instead of looking for crappy food to eat these bars come in handy.

So going back to my earlier point about the crap nutrition that most protein bars have I can tell you that the Quest Protein bars are quite a bit better, unbelievablly they have things like almonds, strawberries, and whey protein in them so they are definitely more healthy then some gunk made in a lab instead of food based products.

Do I recommend these Protein bars?

The bar I have in my hand right now is the Strawberry Cheesecake and it is 60 grams (a normal candy bar is about 45 grams), and it has 20 grams of protein which is a meal worth, and is a total of 160 calories.

Plus this bar has 17 grams of fiber which is the amount an average American gets a day total even though we should be getting more like 35-40 grams. So nutritionally this is pretty packed with nutrients, it even has elderberry extract which is really packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals our body needs.

I was not really sure if I was looking at the Quest Nutrition Protein bars as a normal person would, and by normal I mean someone that has not eaten a lot of protein bars in the past so I started looking at reviews and it seems I am not alone in my love for these bars.

They taste great, they are filling as a meal replacement, and they are good for you as well.

I have to say that I am very thankful that these guys turned me on to their bars, the Quest Natural Protein bar is great and great for you

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