May 19, 2024

Raw food diet recipes are essential if you are going to stay on a raw food diet for any more than a few weeks. In the beginning, people who go raw are full of enthusiasm and can happily live on fruit, salad and nuts without a lot of preparation. The health benefits that they expect to gain are highly motivating.

Raw food diet recipes
Raw food diet recipes

On top of that, people start to feel much better both physically and mentally within 5-10 days of starting a raw food diet. So it is easy to continue for a while longer even if the food that you are eating has become a little dull or repetitive.

Raw Food As a Lifestyle

However, if you plan to stay on a raw diet for months or even years, you will need more variety, and that’s where raw food diet recipes come in. If you keep trying to eat the same few foods over and over, you will become bored. You will probably also not be balancing nutrients as well as you might. That is when cravings really kick in, pushing you into eating cooked foods (and probably not even healthy cooked foods) if you are not able to vary your diet.

Raw food diet recipes cover every type of dish that you could imagine. It is not all salads! You will find aperitifs and main courses, desserts, raw cakes and snack bars, spreads and dips, and of course, smoothies. You can find raw food diet recipes for raw pizza with a nut base, flax crackers, noodles made from zucchini or squash, and many other delights.

Nutrition with Raw Food Diet Recipes

Planning your nutritional needs is important too. A website like, designed for loss, can be very helpful to anybody who wants to know if they are getting enough of all of the essential minerals and vitamins. You don’t have to use the loss tracking aspect of the site unless you need it. Just enter the quantities of foods that you eat over 1-2 weeks and see whether you are missing something essential.

If you are low on certain nutrients, you will need to find a raw food source of it. You may find that you don’t like many of the foods that contain this nutrient and that is why it is not in your diet already. In that situation, raw food diet recipes can help you out by suggesting dishes where the disliked food can be combined with others to make it more palatable for you.

In other cases, you may find it hard to supply the nutrients with raw food diet recipes. Calcium is a mineral that many raw fooders do not get enough of – at least according to the government recommendations. Some argue that we do not need so much calcium if we are not eating meat, because calcium is said to be less available when combined with substances in animal foods. But this has not been proven.

Dairy – A Raw Food?

Some raw fooders use raw dairy products to make up their calcium, although this carries some risk of food poisoning. Others take a supplement even though supplements are not raw, or simply use higher calcium fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli and almonds in their raw food diet recipes.

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