May 18, 2024

Time for riding the stationary bike is coming quick. Well, winter is going to be kicking in here in Alberta soon enough.

I have been riding my bike still and now this week is great but the weekend does not seem so good. This winter I will be riding a stationary bike that is sitting in the bedroom and has been collecting dust over the summer.

Riding the stationary bike
Riding the stationary bike

After I wipe down the bike, I am looking forward to watching some movies this winter while getting nice long leisurely workouts or, as a change of pace, nice short hard workouts while watching sitcoms on the bike. In thinking about this I found the following article about the benefits of riding a bike for exercise.

Riding the Stationary Bike

Lose cycling is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your health and to make you feel better. Pedaling down a rural road or through a city park rouses your spirit and awakens your senses.

A regular routine to lose cycling can reduce the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

One of the most powerful arguments for encouraging more people to cycle is that it leads to considerable improvements in public health.

Cycling is also a good way to improve your balance and co-ordination. It enhances your general well-being and promotes mental health. Beyond the health benefits, it’s an enjoyable way to get around.

Getting on your cycling bike regularly can also be an effective form of aerobic exercise. Cycling can have positive effects on how we feel too. Make sure you get a bike that allows you to combine the levels of resistance and create your own programs. You can Read tips for your new exercise bike at Web Treasure Hunter, that article will teach you how to set it properly and how to avoid injuries or lesions due misuse. Moderate exercise has been found to reduce levels of stress and depression, improve mood and raise self esteem. It has also been found, in some instances, to relieve symptoms of PMS.

Benefits of Riding the Stationary Bike

Exercise Bike

Benefits in strength and agility can come from regular cycling also. There are no real-age barriers to cycling and people at almost any fitness level can begin slowly and gently if necessary.

Physically active older people can reduce the rate of hip fractures with regular cycling exercise. Most of the negative things we associate with aging aren’t a result of chronological aging but rather a lack of physical activity.

A recent study found that even a small amount of cycling for loss can lead to a significant fitness gain. Aerobic fitness was boosted by 11 percent after just 6 weeks of cycling short distances four times a week.


Cycling is as gently on your body as a sport can be. It is a non bearing exercise so it’s easy on your joints, even the achy ones. It can be a wonderful way to get exercise and lose without pain.

They say once you learn to ride a bike you never forget and that is true. The motion and balance come back to you very quickly. If you’re looking to get outside more often and improve your fitness, biking is the answer.

If your looking to lose cycling, jump on your bike and leave your worries and stress at home. Enjoy your ride. Just think you could be at work instead.

So if you are interested in getting a bit of extra exercise this winter then you should consider riding the stationary bike

4 thoughts on “Riding the stationary bike

  1. If I will be asked to choose which type of exercise I prefer most, it’s definitely cycling. It’s the most enjoyable way of exercising. You can watch tv while doing it inside your home and I think it’s not a boring thing to do especially when you do cycling outside your home. It’s the healthiest and fun way of losing 🙂 Btw, thanks for posting the article. A very good read. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hey, you should consider moving to Vancouver where you can exercise all year round. There are a few days in January of course where the snow makes it impossible to even walk anywhere, but well over 11 months have exercise worthy weather days.

    1. Actually I grew up in Vancouver but did not exercise outside as much as I should have. Seems like a waste when the weaher is nice to work out inside.

      OK Everyone don’t miss summer! Get outside and workout! 🙂

  3. from what i have read recently it seems like strength-training exercises that build muscle are the way to go for people who are focusing on loss. the higher your ratio of muscle to overall body , the higher your metabolism is going to be, and the more calories you burn even when you are not exercising.

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