May 19, 2024

I received an email from the creator of Turbulence Training and that is a guy named Craig Ballantyne.

Craig told a story about how he created Turbulence Training and the techniques the way he made them but the part I was most interested to show you was the way that his Turbulence Training workouts look.

Hidden at the bottom of the story was this bit.

I remember the exact day and exact workout that this all came together into the Turbulense Training program. It hit me as I was finishing my intervals. I knew I had found something that was like fat loss magic.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to put it in a pill. But I’ve been able to put it down on paper in all of the Turbulence Training manuals.

The exact workout I used that day went like this…

turbulense trainingWarm-up
1 set of Body Squats
1 set of pushups
1 set of Squats with the empty bar
1 set of light dumbbell chest presses
1 set of moderate barbell squats
1 set of moderate dumbbell chest presses

Strength Training Superset #1

Barbell Squats paired with Dumbbell Chest Presses
3 supersets, aiming for 8 reps per side per set

Strength Training Superset #2
DB Rows paired with Barbell Forward Lunges
3 supersets, aiming for 8 reps per set

Stationary Bike Intervals
After a warmup, I did 6 intervals of 45 seconds work and 45 seconds rest, finishing with a cool-down.

And from that point in time, I’ve tried to share this and all the other Turbulence Training workouts with as many men and women as possible.

The same men and women that I would see day-in and day-out performing the same ineffective slow-cardio fat loss programs, and not making a darn change month after month.

And every day they would see me, soaked in sweat, feeling great and looking lean, and finishing another Turbulence Training workout.

As you can see most of this workout is based on tiring and quick workouts.

A bit of the way that circuit training works. This is a great way to workout and as I have mentioned before Craig’s program is all the rage at the Mens Health and Mens Fitness magazines.

To find out more about Turbulense training just go check out Craig’s site

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