May 18, 2024

I like to sleep in a bit every Saturday and when I wake up I make myself a smoothie or green juice. Today was not exception except I have been having trouble with my blender lately and had some avocados sitting in my fridge.

The story with avocados is that they are not supposed to be put through a juicer. They are too soft and will not really juice like an apple or an orange does so I came up with a bit of a better method today that worked fantastic.

saturday smoothieFirst I made the juice and had it drain onto a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup. This is what I used

Saturday Juice Smoothie

I had some leftover fruit in the fridge so

  • 2 apples
  • 2 oranges
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 2 carrots

After this I had a fair amount of juice but I pitted and peeled the avocado and added it into the soup of juice and then used our handheld immersion blender to blend it up. Avocado is a very soft fruit so it blended up well and it tasted absolutely fantastic.

I ended up with a thick juice almost like a smoothie and I could taste all the fruit and in addition to the wholesomeness of this drink the avocado adds in a whole lot of very good fats.
Try this one out, it is probably the best tasting juice I have had in a long time.

And avocados are really good for you too. Just look at this infographic below…

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