April 23, 2024

Why do some dieters suffer the endless frustration of losing weight and then gaining weight again and again, while others lose weight and keep it off forever?

And wouldn’t you like to belong to the latter group instead of the former? We have all heard stories about the people on the Biggest Loser and how they lost all that weight and then gained it back. That is a heartbreaking story and something that you can avoid if you are trying to lose weight.

Here are some surprisingly easy things that successful dieters do – and you can easily adapt these good habits yourself.

5 Tips To Guarantee Diet Success

How to guarantee diet success1.) You know that old conventional wisdom that goes ‘The scale doesn’t matter when you’re dieting’? For a long time experts scorned the idea of frequent weigh ins, pointing out that the scale can be inaccurate because of fluctuations caused by water weight.

However, it turns out that weighing yourself every day is actually an excellent motivator for dieters.

A study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that dieters who weighed themselves every day lost the most , and kept it off more successfully, compared to a group of dieters who did not weigh themselves regularly.

But as you can see with this image. The idea of weighing or not weighing yourself is a personal decision.

If you are disappointed with your slower weight loss then it may hurt you in the long run to weigh everyday. Just make sure to weight yourself often enough for that motivation.

2.) Write down everything that you eat. The mere act of writing down everything that you eat is a motivator that helps keep you on track and makes you less likely to binge, fitness experts say.

3.) Find an exercise that you like, even if it’s just taking your dog for a mile long walk, or bicycling, or tennis – and do it at least a few times a week. It will speed up your weight loss, make you healthier, and dieters who also exercise are the most successful at keeping the weight off.

4.) Plan ahead. If you are going out to dinner with friends or to a holiday office party or even to the movies, what are you going to do when hunger pangs hit? Make sure that you’ve eaten a filling, non fattening snack or meal beforehand and decide what, if anything, you will eat at the party, movies, or whatever, before you go.

5.) Schedule the occasional indulgence. If you know that you get to eat a small ice cream sundae once a week, or one brownie, or half a cup of pasta, or whatever you are craving, you are much less likely to binge. You can also make sure that’s a day when you add in some extra exercise.

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