October 2, 2023

People who try to lose the first time think that they would be able to do it very easily and fast, even faster than the time it took them to gain those annoying pounds! However, when they are faced with the dual demons of diet and exercise, they feel that it is way harder than they thought.

Some quit their loss ambitions simply by hearing the names of ‘diet’ and exercise, while the more stubborn ones decide to take those methods to an extreme level by starving to the point of death and working out like never before! What if I tell you that loss is much easier and simpler than this?

With my loss method, you will neither have to go through the pain of fasting for days on end or sustaining yourself on just a piece of lemon or carrot, nor is it necessary to work out like crazy. In order to lose weight, you simply need to change your food eating habits by eating your meals in smaller portions.

Simple Trick to Quick Weight Loss

food CircleIf you are eating three large meals per day, here is some food for thought: when you eat large meals, you basically overload your body with excess calories that it doesn’t need at that point of time; consequently, your body has to work harder and longer to burn those extra calories.

What happens next is that your metabolic rate slows down and so does your calorie burning rate. Ultimately all those extra calories are deposited in your body as fat deposits, for future use! That is how your body conserves extra energy, and that is how you gain over time.

There is yet another way you could gain by eating large meals. When you eat a large meal at a time, and don’t eat for several hours following that meal, you are sure to feel hungry. To get rid of hunger quickly, you would probably go to your kitchen or open up the refrigerator to find junk foods which would fill up your stomach quickly.

The reality is that these junk foods only give you a false impression of ‘satiation’; you are sure to feel hungry again a few hours after eating those junk foods. On the flip side, these junk foods also make you heavier and wider.

What if you supply your body the same amount of calories in installments, by providing it the exact amount of calories that it needs at a time? That way, your body would have no excess energy to conserve, and consequently, there is no question of you ever gaining ! Sounds good in theory, but is it really possible?

Small and Frequent Eating

Good news is that it IS! And this is where my formula of ‘small and frequent eating’ comes in! If you’re currently eating three large meals per day, you simply need to break them up into six, and eat each of these six meals every two or three hours.

When you eat frequently and in small quantities, your body would be able to utilize all the calories it receives from your food; on the plus side, you would get rid of constant hunger pangs, as well as feel more energetic since your metabolic rate would increase dramatically! And of course, once your metabolic rate increases, loss would be easier for you.

You might also want to use smaller plates as well, so as to trick your brain into believing that you have eaten the same amount of food as usual.

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