March 5, 2024

Natural complexion care products do not have to be expensive. Your own kitchen is a treasure-trove of organic body treatments. With only a few minutes of preparation, you can formulate your own safe, affordable body surface treatments for glowing, healthy-looking skin.

The skin treatments you choose have as much impact on the outer surface of your body as environmental factors, eating habits, and stress. Yet it is difficult to find affordable skin products in stores, and often the ones that contain organic ingredients are the most expensive of all.

Do you purchase costly beauty products at your local mall or department store? Why not look in your own kitchen cupboards? The organic skin treatments you create yourself can give you the luminous, wholesome skin you seek, without the high price.

Skin Care throughout Life
Even babies require proper skin care. Smooth, healthy skin starts with mild soap and water. Little bottoms require care to prevent diaper rash. Children need basic cleansing and moisturizing to maintain their healthy glow. Adolescence brings new problems, including pimples, oily skin, and blackheads. Senior skin is even more sensitive than adolescent skin, and is often extremely dry. As we mature, it becomes even more important to opt for applications that are wholesome and natural.

Affordable Skin Products for Beautiful Skin
Your skin is affected by everything it touches. It absorbs your lotion, astringent, deodorant, and anything else you put on it. Natural skin treatments are free from potentially harmful chemicals and are very inexpensive. They are a healthful, practical approach to proper skin care.

Here are some recommendations for some easy and effective skin treatments that you can make at home.

For a facial masque, blend honey and egg yolk. Spread a thin layer over your face, wait twenty minutes, and rinse (If the honey tickles too much, leave it out. This masque tightens your pores without it.)

Almost all commercially available moisturizers contain oil. Olive oil accomplishes the same result for far less cost. Smooth it on your skin for a wonderful moisturizer. It is even good for sunburn!

To gently exfoliate, try baking soda. While in the shower or bath, gently scrub with a small amount. You can rub a bit harder in areas with blackheads, such as the nose or the notorious T-Zone.

In place of deodorant, try a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Vinegar is non-irritating and it is an excellent deodorant. A comforting vinegar foot bath can ameliorate the condition known as athlete’s foot as well.

Tomatoes can be a great skin toner. Slice thinly and lay across the oily areas of your face. (If your skin is sensitive, skip this one.)

Organic skin care does not have to come from fancy bottles or shiny packages. You can make your own personal, affordable skin products right in your own kitchen. When you use your own ingredients, you know that your natural complexion care treatments are pure, healthful, and good for your skin.

10 thoughts on “Skin care from your kitchen

  1. Make a cornmeal scrub by mixing two teaspoons of cornmeal with just enough honey to make a paste. Using your fingertips, apply the concoction on your face with circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This will lift up dead skin cells and give way to new, fresh, and rosy skin.

  2. I am the manager of a day spa in Newport beach. I want to thank you for the great tips and comments on day spa and skin care. I love this website and think every day sp manager should visit this site. great job guys.

  3. I agree with the organic skin care, I quit using anti-perspirant awhile back because of the danger of cancer from it. I also argue with people at work to wear rubber gloves when using solvents, because like your talking about these chemicals are absorbed by the skin, excellent article.

  4. There are some great ideas here on what you can do with products that you will find in many kitchens. I had never before considered looking at food and ingredients in that way. Bound to save money as well as providing some much needed pampering.

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