April 21, 2024

There is a real struggle in the candy and treat marketplace to make all of our familiar candy look and tasted the same but market it to be somehow not bad for you.

Sorry no such luck if they don’t change how they make it.

Today I was in the store and got some Smarties for my son. I know this is candy, I know this has no redeeming qualities as far as food goes, but he is 11 and likes Smarties. So I bought them.


How Many Calories in Those Smarties?

The interesting thing about the box is that it is 45 grams just like it has always been but it is broken into three portions that are 70 calories each. So I am supposed to eat just a third of the box when I ma looking for Smarties? Maybe eat 15 or so Smarties?

Well maybe not exactly. You can see along the side there that there are three words “Make” “Em” and “Last”. Well the box itself has been broken into three sections and each of these sections apparently just holds 70 calories worth of smarties.

So I am expected to eat just one section and put it away? Or are people really going to have three hits of guilt instead and eat the whole box like they did yesterday?

70 Calorie Smarties? 210 Calorie Smarties?

This whole idea of being able to visualize 100 calories, or 70 calories, or 300 calories has a really good idea at it’s core.

Maybe if you know that the box is 210 calories you will consciously decide whether you really want to eat these treats or not.

But the trouble that I have is that instead there is a little note telling you that it is only 70 calories. Nice try guys but totally deceptive in my book!


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