May 24, 2024

One of the best foods that you can have for breakfast is a smoothie. I know that many people go to the popular drink places and get smoothies at all times of the day but the fact is that you can make your own smoothies right in the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need is some fruit, yogurt and a blender.

The great thing about smoothies is that they are a great way to get in a good and great tasting meal really quickly. My wife will often whip one up on a Saturday afternoon and we will have it for a snack. The other thing that is good about smoothies is that they tend to be made with yogurt, which is high in good bacteria, and fruit, which is high in vitamins.  And finally the number of calories in a smoothie is relatively low for all the nutrients because it is packed with great nutrients and is pretty liquid, high water content.

Here is the way to make a smoothie

Get out the blender and scoop in 1 cup of yogurt. The yogurt to use is not the frozen kind but instead the yogurt that you get from the fridge section of the supermarket. You can use plain or fruit yogurt but probably plain is best as you will be adding fruit anyway. Now add some frozen mixed fruit, or if you have fresh fruit around even better. The good thing about frozen fruit is that it makes the smoothie colder which most people like. Put in 2 cups of fruit anyway. Then just blend it up and you have the basics of a smoothie.

smoothie.gifThere is of course a lot of things that oyu can do to make this smoothie better. You have some protein in this basic smoothie but you could add more milk or protein powder to up the protein. You can also add honey to sweeten up the smoothie.

We get a big bag of mixed frozen fruit from Costco and also a bag of frozen berries from Costco and between these we can have really tangy berry smooties or we can have a regular fruit smoothie. One thing to be careful of is that sometimes people want to make these with raw eggs. Even though eggs may be good for you and are high in protein they can be poisonous raw and it is not a good idea to put raw eggs in anything.

All Recipes has a bunch of great smoothie recipes that you can try out and all of them are easy and really look good. The Recipezaar also has a huge list of smoothies. The best way to try new ones is to see what looks good, read through the recipes and then mix and match what you want to make.

3 thoughts on “Smoothies for breakfast

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  2. What a great idea – it will definitely be a good way to use those lovely summer fruits available now and also get my kids nearer their five portion sof fruit and veg a day!

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