March 5, 2024

?Yesterday for breakfast I had an omolette, and it was pretty good actually.
I’m real big fan of omelettes but as you can see here I don’t have a picture so I had to take a picture from somewhere else and put that on there instead, it was good for me but I think we can improve on that a little bit.

Making a Better Omelette

omelette with peppers and onionsThe way that I made this omelette yesterday was by frying up some green peppers and onions on high with a little bit of butter. Once the veggies were fried up I added three eggs to the skillet and some cheese on top.

If you look at what my fit tracker using my fitness pal tells me I can tell you that the food in there was pretty good except a little high in fat the fat was caused by the butter and cheese of course answer many eggs.

Here was the breakdown. 584 calories, 7 grams carbs, 49 grams of fat, and 34 grams of protein

So first of all there’s three things that we can take way from this.

First the fat, if we didn’t use butter to fry the onions and green peppers then we would’ve lost 15 grams of fat. I use a non stick pan so really I did not need the butter in there.

Then the other fat is in the cheese (20 grams of fat) I’m not a really big fan of low fat cheese, I think some dairy fat is fine for you but some people don’t like dairy and in that case you would not have cheese on your on that anyways.

The other thing that I like to mention is the vegetables. Vegetables at lots of nutrients and almost no fat, or carbohydrates, or even any protein. Almost no calories in vegeatables so most of the vegetables are giving you is lots of water, vitamins, and minerals. And also lots of taste!

And I guess thirdly we have to look at the protein level of this omelette.

The protein in this was very good because of the eggs. Eggs has a lot of, and very balanced amino acids. Eggs really are one of the best proteins that you can eat and the cholesterol studies seems to show that they are just fine to eat a few times a week. Check out rooftopyoga for other breakfast recipies.

To add to the protein level of the eggs is the cheese. In the end we have quite a bit of protein in this meal. At 34 grams of protein we are at the top and maybe a little more of what your body can really assimilate. You have to remember that most research shows that we can only use 25 to 30 g of protein per meal so no point in having a six egg omelette, a three egg omelette is fine this is a very good breakfast.

An Omelette is a Fantastic Breakfast

I think one of my three egg omelettes is one of my favorite breakfasts. You could add more vegetables if you like you could not use cheese if you don’t like and the eggs are fine with two or three eggs.

Are you like me? Do you eat a bit of a different breakfast on weekends? I may have made this great omelette on Sunday but on Saturday morning I had a big fruit smoothie instead.

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