May 19, 2024

First of all, let me congratulate you on losing successfully. You might be thinking that your battle with is over, now that you have lost all that extra flab! You might also be thinking about resuming your old habits of junk food eating and sitting on the couch for 24 hours! Truth is however, not so rosy!

With loss, you have won only half the battle; the other half of the battle being that of maintaining that ‘lost’ . Believe it or not, more people struggle with maintenance than loss! Of course it is not all that hard; all you need to do is to continue with the same lifestyle habits which helped you lose in the first place, e.g., dieting and exercising!

You should start off with some workouts; if you are already doing them, that is fine. Along with your regular workout program, you might also want to do some additional activities such as walking up to the market instead of using your car, or using the stairs to reach your home or office floor instead of taking help from the elevator.

If your home doesn’t have stairs, or if you happen to reside on the ground floor, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the children’s parks have stairs; you may want to use those! All you need to do is to spend five minutes in going up and down the stairs and repeat this for about four times everyday, and you would burn a lot of calories!

Let’s move on to dieting. Assuming that you would be eating healthy foods as usual, you might want to eat one apple in-between meals as snack! Apple is one of the best types of snacks you could have, for it is low on sugar content and high on fiber, which means you would not only gain but also be able to keep hunger away for a long time.

You should also add black beans to your diet. There is no need to change your existing diet pattern; just add about half-a-can of black beans to whatever you are already eating! You should eat the same amount of black beans with at least two of your daily meals. Just like apples, these beans are rich in fiber content so that you will not only be able to suppress your hunger but also maintain your normal blood sugar levels, both of which would help you stay fit! Additionally, black beans are also rich in protein content; protein builds lean muscles for you and muscles help you burn calories!

If you follow these tips then you won’t struggle with maintenance like others! Think about it, maintaining healthy eating habits as well as an active lifestyle is a small price to pay for the slim and sexy body you are able to flaunt!

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