February 28, 2024

Sugar addiction can affect almost anybody. I have a sweet tooth. Actually a sweet tooth may be an understatement as I love sugary things especially pop and chocolate and no matter what anyone says there is, to me anyway, a correlation between the amount of sugar that I eat and how much I quest for it afterwards.

During this time of year there are sugary treats everywhere, You sample a turtle, you eat a couple chocolates, someone offers some eggnog. Next thing you know you are feeling a little sick but you will have a little lowered resistance to the chocolates.

Sugar Addiction is real

Sugar Addiction
Sugar Addiction

Science direct and the Journal for Nutrition are just two example studies that show that sugar addiction exists and I believe that most people that eat a lot of sugar really do believe it to be true.

Back to me, this part of the year is difficult because I not only quest for the chocolate but the supply is everywhere. My wife will have a couple of chocolates and then send me out with the rest to share with my coworkers. Sugar addiction is spawned by my wife not only to me but to everyone around me with me being the pusher.

Anyway, in just a few days all of the Christmas season mass eating and binging will be over and we can get back to our normal diet.

I hope that you have been keeping your exercise up and restricting those sugary products. I think that the best way to avoid overeating chocolate and candy is to notice what you are putting into your mouth and then after Christmas make a concerted effort to avoid all sweets.

Stopping Sugar Addiction

I never try to avoid anything completely because the moment that you know that you can not have something they only thing that you think about is that food. In the case of sugar addiction though the sooner that you purge yourself of the simple carbs in your system the sooner you will stop the cravings.

How about you? How do you deal with those cravings around this time of year and afterwards? Do you have the same sugar addiction that I seem to suffer from?

One last thing. Tomorrow is Christmas and I had written a post last year that I have recreated for this Thanksgiving to give you a guide to making the most of Christmas eating and exercise with friends and family for this holiday, it will be an early morning tomorrow for me I know and for others so don’t sweat it just ahve a great day.

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