December 10, 2023

I heard rumblings about the Swine Flu last week but nothing really to worry about. Yesterday everything changed. I think that weekends create a lot of backlog of news and yesterday all the news was about the flu. My wife is following everything to do with the swine flu and says that she is very thankful that we did not go to Mexico for Spring break (I couldn’t afford to take the whole family anyway). The CDC is reporting today that people should not be going to Mexico City, I am not sure about Mexico resorts but expect we will hear more about that today.

Apparently 40 people have the swine flu in the US and to date no one has died. All the dead I believe are in Mexico

This morning I have heard of some news reports that most of the flu dead in Mexico are between 20 and 50 years old, which if it is true is a staggering number. Most people will recover from a common flu within a couple of weeks but the people most in danger are the very young and very old not people between 20 to 50. Did you know that up to 250,000 people every year worldwide die from the flu? This is not to say that swine flu is not important but the flu itself is a huge health issue worldwide.

That stat aside, one of the big reasons that I have for staying in shape and being fit is to have a strong immune system and to be in top form and healthy all of the time. I may occasionally get sick but I miss most of the colds and flus going on around me. The CDC though has some good info on how to avoid the flu, especially the swine flu. And Med News Today tells us about the treatment of the swine flu.

So in looking around I found a few links to swine flu info and with all the hype right now I am hoping we get a grounding today on how bad this may be and how many people may be affected by it.

I am sure I will be writing more about this but in any case keep yourself safe and out of situations that could get you in contact with the swine flu and make sure that you stay clean and follow the above tips for avoidance.

7 thoughts on “Swine Flu Part 1

  1. Swine is flu starting here in the UK having shot up in the number of cases recently but fortunately the number of deaths is low mostly killing people with underlying problems – although 2 new cases; a 6 year old and a GP supposedly without any other illness have died – very worrying.

    It is beginning to be seen here in schools but they’ve stopped shutting them down, having realised that it can not be contained anymore. A vaccine is on the way for vulnerable children under 12 so that’s a step in the right direction.

    Hope they have got the vaccine right and that it’s not as bad as the 1918 flu in another post on this site.

  2. Thanks for an informative post. The numbers are sobering. To protect my immune health: I make sure I take my vitamins and supplements daily, I wash my hands more frequently, and I regulary use hand sanitizers. I also just bought air purifiers for my home and office.

    Because I know alot of people are doing the same thing, I want to tell you about ( That’s where I buy all of my nutritional supplies, including everything listed above. I get these items at a great price everyday, so I can take care of my health and still stay within my budget.

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    Stay healthy!

  3. ImmuneRegen’s ( compound Homspera is a strong candidate as a therapeutic and / or adjuvant to pandemic influenza including swine flu. The compound has demonstrated greater effectiveness than Tamiflu. Why isn’t the government expediting the development of candidates like these?

  4. I was oblivious to the Swine flu all weekend and then BAM, I heard about it on the radio on the way to work, people were talking about it at the gym, it’s on the news, I now have to attend a work meeting about it AND I’m scared to get it!

  5. Have you looked at colloidal silver it only helps single cell viruses but it raise people immunities and viruses can’t build an immunity to it and it is available at health food stores without a Doctor’s prescription.

    I assume something like airborne helps keep immunity up.

    I hear that stress and regular sleep boosts immunity along with a good sugarless or sugar reduced diet too. How about exercise?

  6. Swine flu has spread globally, and there is no widely available vaccination for it. There has been a suggestion that says the vaccine will not be available for another 4 to 6 months. The pandemic is on the rise and they just raised the alert level from 3 to 4. Theres a good post on for anyone interested in the symptoms it has on your health. It’s very educational. Be sure to check it out!

  7. I have read the headlines on yahoo and heard talk on the radio but other than that i have not followed the Swine flu very well, thankyou for updating me. I too am surprised at the age range that the flu is attacking, that is uncommon, like you said either the young or older are at risk but those in between normally have the greatest chance, well not in this case. I do hope they find a solution and it does not turn into a worldwide issue. Keep me posted. Thanks

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