April 21, 2024

Many people think that only obese and over individuals have problems, but skinny people are not happy with the way they look, either. If you have struggled to gain all your life then Lynne Parcell’s book entitled “The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight: How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way” could be the key to successful gain for you. This guide will tell you exactly why you failed before, and what you can do to finally start building muscle mass and adding pounds to your frame.

Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight Book Features

“The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight” was published in January 2012 and is available in paperback format. It consists of 104 pages of vital information for gain. The book focuses on eating the right foods and doing the right workout routines to build muscles.

The author, Lynne Parcell, is known for her “Kickstart Guide” series of books dealing with diverse topics including healthy living, detoxification, stopping drug dependence, and many more.

Who Can Benefit from Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight?

The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight is a helpful guide for skinny individuals who want to build a more muscular or toned physique. Some people possess a body type known as ectomorph. Ectomorphs have small frames and lean muscles. They find it hard to put on and are also called “hard gainers”. If you are a hard gainer, the Kickstart Guide can provide you with the best diet and workout routines to start packing on muscle.

What’s in the Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight Book?

If you’re looking for quality information on gain, consider The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight as one of the best resources. The book helps you understand why your earlier efforts failed, and what you can do to finally succeed. It discusses the following topics:

  • Why being skinny is a problem. Skinny people are greatly outnumbered by over individuals, leading people to assume that being thin and scrawny is not a problem. But skinny people are not happy with the way they look and they are often teased and taunted. When you’re skinny, people think you are unhealthy or have an eating disorder. Being thin also makes your face look gaunt and years older.
  • The basic gain theory. The book provides a clear explanation about the theory behind gain. Almost everyone knows that in order to gain , you must consume a greater number of calories than you burn. The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight explains this and what it means for hard gainers.
  • Why people fail to gain . Lynne Parcell enumerates and explains the many reasons why some people are unable to develop bigger muscles and gain extra pounds. One of the most common reasons is improper diet. Another reason is lack of commitment.
  • The right foods to eat for gain. Eating a proper diet is crucial for gain. This is true especially for hard gainers. Skinny people have to consume thousands of extra calories if they want to succeed in their -gain goals. Increase your caloric intake by eating larger amounts of food. You must also eat calorie-dense foods that are nutritious such as nuts, whole grain pasta, peanut butter, olive oil, avocados, meats, poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating junk food. Carbohydrate and protein drinks help provide massive amounts of calories and nutrients needed for working out.
  • Best workout routines for muscle-building. If you want to gain muscles (not fat), it’s important to perform strength training exercises. In this book, you’ll discover the best exercises for building muscle mass and gaining weight.
  • Importance of Commitment. Many people fail to gain because they do not stick to their -gain program long enough to see any visible results. Hard gainers are just that ? they must struggle every step of the way just to gain one or two pounds. If you want to add muscle mass and gain , you have to be 100% committed and be willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Pros of Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Well organized
  • Contains a lot of useful information to help you gain
  • Good price

Cons of Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight

  • Does not contain anything new; the information in the book can be found in many other -gain books and guides
  • Only 104 pages long

Review of The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight

The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight by Lynne Parcell is a fairly new publication and it’s difficult to find customer reviews for the book. An in-depth look at the book, however, shows that it is informative and right on the dot when it comes to gaining weight. The book is well-organized and it’s easy to find the information you need. But with only 104 pages, some people may find it too short. It would also be nice to have more workout routines and diet plans for gain.

As the title suggests, this guide is meant to kickstart your -gain program. You can find books with more detailed and complete information out there, but for starters The Kickstart Guide to Gaining Weight is a good choice.

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