April 12, 2024

Women who are skinny often look at curvaceous women with envy and wish they could also gain and fill out their clothes better. If you think your body is too thin and scrawny, there’s still hope for you. Jayna Davis ebook entitled “Women’s Weight Gain” is the ultimate guide for women who want to add extra pounds quickly. Using safe and natural methods, this downloadable ebook can help women who have been skinny their whole life gain and get more curves in all the right places.

Book Description

“Women’s Weight Gain” by Jayna Davis (avaialble in PDF), is written by a naturally thin woman for other women struggling with under problems, this ebook provides a -gain system that is proven to actually work.

This ebook costs only $27 and can be downloaded immediately so you can get started on developing a shapely body right away. And, If you are wondering to open it in different format like word then you are recommended to visit Convert PDF to Word, to get word file in few steps.

What’s in it for you?

“Women’s Weight Gain” is a complete gain system designed specifically for women who want to fill out their body in a feminine and sexy way. Unlike most gain programs that focus on building muscle mass for men, Jayna Davis’ system teaches women how to develop curves without getting fat or looking like a body builder.

Jayna Davis’ Weight Gain System for Women

Hundreds of books have been written on gaining and building muscles for men, but this ebook is something new. It is written for women who are tired of being skinny and shapeless. In this book, Jayna Davis shares the system she developed to gain fast, in as little as two weeks.

The ebook discusses a number of topics dealing with ways to add sexy womanly curves, not flab. In her book, Davis offers sensible advice on the following topics:

  • Best foods for gain – Find out what foods are loaded with the nutrition and calories you need to pack on pounds. Discover successful tactics that allow you to get the best results. Stock up on delicious foods that will make you healthy and shapely.
  • Myths about gain – In this ebook, the author separates myths from facts. She reveals the many myths that are actually preventing you from gaining weight.
  • Supplements – Weight gaining supplements can be expensive, but are they effective? Find out what a woman’s body really needs in order to gain . Don’t waste your money on supplements that won’t work.
  • Best eating schedule– When you eat is just as important as what you eat. Find out how often you should eat, and why. Jayna Davis offers the best eating schedule so that you can gain faster and more efficiently.
  • Best training program for women – Most strength training programs are designed for men and are not necessarily beneficial for women. Davis recommends training exercises that women enjoy and are more effective for gain in women. You’ll also find out how to achieve the correct ratio of muscle, fat and tissue for shapely curves without flab or bulky muscles.
  • Hormones and how they affect weight gain– Women’s bodies are governed by hormones. Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle affect how your body responds to food and calories. In the “Women’s Weight Gain Guide”, you’ll find out how to make hormones work for you to speed up gain.
  • Metabolism – Women who are naturally thin often have a fast metabolism. Their bodies burn calories rapidly so that very little fat is stored. In her gain ebook, Davis shares her secret for slowing down your metabolism so you can accumulate body fat and develop a softer, shapelier body.


  • Weight gain methods are specifically designed for women
  • System allows you to gain 2-3 pounds per week
  • Addresses factors that are unique to women, such as hormonal changes and how they affect gain
  • Focuses on healthy foods and exercise
  • Helps develop a shapely and womanly body
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to download
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires 100% commitment to achieve your -gain goals
  • No reviews or testimonials can be found on the official website
  • Available only from the official website.

What Customers Say

“Women’s Weight Gain” guide is a one-of-a-kind ebook. Written by Jayna Davis, it provides a complete system that women can follow if they want to gain and develop a shapely body.

It’s difficult to find users’ feedback for now, but expert reviews praise the book highly. Although only a few customer reviews and comments can be found, buyers claim that the -gain system for women provided in the book really works.

The ebook, which can be downloaded directly to your PC or Mac as a PDF file, comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, refund rate is very low (3.5%) and indicates that this is a very good product that really works. You can order “Women’s Weight Gain” from the official website at a discounted price of only $27.

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